Last month some of our team attended BrainBar in Budapest. Billed as the ‘conference on the future’ the content ranged from science fiction writing to cooking. And it turns out that dipping into seemingly unrelated topics can help you look at your own subject in a different way.

Is it because we can have a unique take on things? Is it because we can tap into emotions better? Are we better listeners? More driven by a social cause? Or is it simply to smash the status quo?

It just kinda happened

A click, a tap, a beep… that’s all money has become now. But, how has this intangibility affected our financial lives, even our future? In more ways than we think. We explore the uncomfortable truth about convenience at a time when people are increasingly jaded about the power of capital.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

Project Imagine

Project Imagine is a vision of an easy and accessible financial future for all. Our first brand dozens launches this autumn.

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