Some thoughts on digitization, or better: creating a competitive edge without spending too much money on management consultancies.

It’s not about digitization. It’s about creating a competitive edge.

Whether it’s more effective and efficient processes or more value for the customer, digital solutions are useful tools to achieve a competitive edge, not an end in themselves.

The pressing question for many traditionally-non-digital businesses has been: How can we be competitive when our industry and the way of doing business changes faster than ever before? …

This article is on how Felix, Matt and I teamed up. Like any good story, it covers the meaning of life and the magic of love. At the end of the article, our four core beliefs are listed and explained.

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Felix, Matt and I

It’s a great recommendation to continue asking “why” until you’re at the root of a problem. …

This is one possible line of argument why we chose building software. Although the point here is quite simple, the concept of this article was better than its execution. The article is also about the concept of “lean”.

THE number one reason why startups fail

Try googling: “why do startups fail”. You can learn a lot from the results. Obviously, there is one single reason why startups fail. …


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Lean. Agile. Rapid. Yeah. We love to think and debate “tech”.

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