How to come up with a billion dollar startup idea. 
Niko Bonatsos

Thanks for the insight Niko Bonatsos! Can I suggest a fourth tip to discovering a billion-dollar idea:

“Solve a seemingly impossible problem; it creates a natural monopoly.”

That’s the approach we’ve taken with ProjectMQ. Game Discovery is terribly broken on PC, gaming console, and mobile market places. With over 100,000 games available today, and 500 launching daily, trying to find the perfect game is like trying to find a needle in the haystack. Which is why the average indie game developer made less than $500 in 2013, even though the global video game industry made $100B last year, and is still growing 8% year over year.

ProjectMQ solves the game discovery problem, succeeding where large incumbents like Steam and VC-funded startups like have failed.

Our sites still in early access, and we already have users in 50+ countries.

ProjectMQ is “A New Hope for Indie Games”(TM)

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