craft culinary connoisseurs by day, huge foodies by night

project one hits the street for a real taste of asia.

with a strong background in luxury hospitality truly inspired by today’s newest culinary innovations, a number of our talent come from the food scene; the rest of us join the talent in what we like to call ‘analysis’. in short — we eat.

whether indulging in high end tasting menus of some of today’s most renowned chefs and culinary entrepreneurs or savoring life’s simple pleasures at a local coffee shop, we always seem to find room for amazing food and experiences in our lives.

to the dismay of a few, this makes every day like those after new year’s when you swear you absolutely, positively are going to make it to the gym tomorrow. as professionals, and not entirely against their will (although possibly their better judgement) they take the plunge and dig into meal after amazing meal. as a team, we realize the importance of sampling and the experience gained because we understand that local food cultures help you to discover the essence of a place and for our team to remain at the forefront, we take our chances in offering our clients a real ‘craft’ experience.

the smell, the taste, run down venue — we love it all.

while traveling, food is an essential component; the transformative effects of food might not be as immediately obvious as those of a new cultural environment, but if placed in a country as rich in flavors as south korea, vietnam or thailand, they’re just as significant- showcasing the true identity of a culture.

having recently travelled to asia, we made sure to try everything. this linked us to the locals, the landscapes, and created endless stories, recipes and photos for unforgettable memories. our last evening in bangkok, street side at a tiny plastic table beside a ramshackle stand, with the taste of scallion, meat and sharp vinegar in our mouths until 3 a.m. we took a new approach to the night — requesting an authentic thai menu (rather than the usual tourist amended choice) and telling them to send what they thought best. it was by far the most fulfilling meal. not only were we traveling with a newbie who was just as curious as us to discover the unknown, but the hospitality and enthusiasm shown by the locals was truly illustrious and genuine.

it’s safe to say that acting upon, ‘when in rome’ actually takes you to a whole new world.

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