project one + industry city distillery

with the number of high-end distilleries and increasing demand in artisan products, industry city distillery has set a tremendously high bar in the niche market of craft spirits, offering a truly innovative approach to improving the production of alcohol through the blending of science, technique and art.

we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit the distillery and meet the amazing talent & brains behind the product, ronak parikh, who was an incredibly gracious host, providing a general overview of the property, leaving no detail out (his favorite aspect being an absolutely staggering view of the statue of liberty on clear days).

although tiny by mega-distillery standards (only 6,500 sq. ft), industry city distillery is uniquely equipped with a laboratory, a machine shop, and letterpress, allowing the full production cycle to occur on site; even leaving additional space for large tour groups to view the gorgeously lit space, courtesy of modern floor-to-ceiling windows. already impressed by what we saw and the initial introductions; we looked forward to the tour; and seeing the team’s overwhelming passion found in their work, and enthusiasm for their product were honestly very impressive, even to a team used to being around artisans with love for their crafts.

happily, the tour was also incredibly informative, overlooking no detail; from the structure and design of each machine required in the process to the individual functions of valves. we believe that everyone should experience it themselves though; so we’ll fill you in on possibly the most important bit we gleaned from the tour: everything, absolutely everything is built from scratch in the production of their beet sugar vodka, and again, even by the high standards of top craft producers, that’s nearly unheard of.

from their bio-reactors (glass continuous fermentation vessels) housing rare house-grown french sugar beet yeast, to their ultra high separation batch fractional reflux still (designed & built by distillation engineer & developer david kyrejko) everything is custom made. utilizing their very precise distillation method, they also take 30 cuts off of their still, which is dramatically more than the usual 3. each cut is then rigorously tasted and the best notes are selectively blended together, allowing for exceptional control over the final taste, aroma and texture of the final product. because of the care and precision of this process, industry standard vodka has no need for any carbon filtration and is entirely free of additives, sugars, or modifiers; resulting in a vodka with a delicate, subtle flavor of fruity aromas, subtle sweetness and unprecedented smoothness.

although the offer was made to mix the vodka with a light splash of water and hint of lemon, we tried it as recommended: neat ; and even while clocking in at 80 proof, it was very easily consumed and thoroughly enjoyed. so with that said, a genuine thanks once again to industry city distillery’s, ronak parikh (brand ambassador & operations), david kyrejko (distillation research & developer), and kevin winters (sales) for your killer hospitality!

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