Creative graphic to showcase the Bauhaus-inspired template collection.

Say 🟢 hallo 🔺 to rounded curves, balanced asymmetry, simple color schemes, and the art of the abstract.

The Bauhaus style is unique in that it spans…

Is it just us, or do gradients seem to be everywhere?

Defined as smooth transitions between two…

How to use iconography to make any message more powerful

Icons have a wizard-like way of synthesizing the complex…

Want everything on the page to instantly become blue? Done.

Want everything that’s pink to suddenly become orange without clicking piece by piece? It’s handled.

Desperate to erase any hint of Arial on the page and go straight to Palatino immediately? End of thread.

Projector Templates: Introducing The Maximalist Collection

“The limit does not exist.” -Mean Girls

How to find inspiration for your next idea

Inspiration can come from — which can be very overwhelming if you’re in need of a little creative pick-me-up. …

What is psychedelic design? Here’s some inspiration.

A vibrant graphic that says “How To Make Stock Photography Your Own”

Take your stock game from “Seen it, next!” to “Wait, where’d you get that photo?”

Some stock photos are born beautiful. Others need a little extra love to shine. Last week, we shared our best tips for selecting stock photos that feel less….stale. …

A neon graphic that says “How to pitch a campaign in only 4 slides”

The way we see it, communicating ideas effectively all comes down to thoughtful synthesization. How well you can deliver a message that’s just as clear and concise as it is inspiring and informative.

Enter: The 4-Slide Pitch.

In an effort to say more with less, we recently built this presentation…

Cheesy stock image of two professional men with thumbs up and down. Taking Stock: How to Choose Stock Photos that Feel Authentic and New

Because we’ve all seen “group of employees laughing around water cooler” one too many times. Here’s how to slyly avoid that “stock” feeling in your next deck.

At Projector, we are big believers that stock photography can be an additive boost to any visual asset — if it’s done well, of course. However, with so many images to choose from, how does one find a photo that feels authentic and native to their content? …


Give your best ideas life with the creative platform that doesn’t require serious design skills –– just an openness to create.

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