An Update: Helping A Family In Need

Delhi — The young boy and his father walked up the winding stairs on a warm afternoon in this capital city.

They had come a long way from home, and an even longer way in their hearts.

The family of Gudi Devi, the woman we previously wrote about, had suffered many indignities as a nearly 100% blind family. Married at a young age to a young daily wage laborer, Gudi began bearing children early in life. She received no prenatal care and

If the story ended here, then this family would be like so many others in India — a deeply impoverished family struggling to make ends meet. But in the case of Gudi Devi, there was another tragic twist: She suffered from bilateral cataracts and so did four of her five children.

Devastated by the milky whites of her children’s eyes, Gudi Devi suffered in silence. The family endured widespread condemnation, and many in her surrounding village believed that she was cursed.

The family fortunes were always limited. Gudi Devi never worked and the family depended on the $1 a day that the father brought in from working in the fields. Overtime, they also received modest government subsidies for the disabilities of the children that they relied upon as well.

When Project Prakash learned of the family and visited them in their village just four hours of Delhi, they were initially reluctant.

“It took several visits before the family could begin to trust us,” Project Prakash executive director Sheila B. Lalwani said. “These families have been burned so many times that often they are scared of anyone whom they don’t know.”

Finally, after several visits, the family agreed to send their children to the Prakash Center. Their son, Akash, will receive his surgery later this summer.

Akash and his father at the Prakash Center

To learn more about Project Prakash or support curable blindness in India and rehabilitation efforts, click here.

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