Look, I understand that you like using your liberal arts degree in Film making, but playing second…
Davis Marcos

Lol wow, did you read anything I said? The utter fail of your “liberal arts degree in film making” insult is just sad. I’m not surprised that you’re a starving “artist” though. But second fiddle? That makes no sense lol, I’m just a commenter. How pathetic and inane :D But please, keep making a fool of yourself.

It’s still hilarious you find Wikipedia to be a trustworthy site to the point that it makes your decisions for you. I’m not surprised that your liberal arts degree doesn’t allow for critical thought. Also, the fact that you’re incapable of reading to the point that you use quotes that I haven’t used, is pretty pathetic, yet again.

And again, you lack the basic cognition of being able to read. Hobbs didn’t say that you should use only emotional arguments for gun control. He said that it is disrespectful to victims to ONLY make it about logic when lives are being affected. Ultimately he goes back to saying we should have “the logical fight”. I realize bullet points are pretty much the only thing you can understand as paragraphs seem too complicated for you, so TL;DR emotional arguments are just as important to logical arguments when it concerns gun control. Saying he should yield to rationalism is hypocritical coming from you lol. Regardless, if you managed to read, he agrees with you.

Lol @ thinking philosophers aren’t the harbingers of rationalism. Or do you look to Wikipedia for that too? Yes, they would probably argue that Wikipedia isn’t credible, but that’s pretty obvious, so it’s hilarious you think we spend all our time on that. Try again at your futile attempts at insults. I mean, really, arguing that it’s not a textbook? Can you be better at insults? It seems to fall short when you have the cognitive and critical thinking ability of someone with a lobotomy… Come back when you don’t believe that Wikipedia is a credible source, when you actually respond to my criticisms with valid arguments instead of irrelevant BS, and you realize that your lack of reading comprehension and understanding of logic and rationalism won’t level up to an actual philosophy student lol.

Good luck with your starving “artist” life, it makes sense considering how inane your “arguments” are and your poor attempts at insults. Fishmouth? What is that, some sensitive mangry attempt at pretending you’re not whining? Love that it came out of nowhere, but also not surprised that a mangry person like you resorts to ad hominems despite not ever meeting me in real life lol. Must be hard to respond to logic with more logic, considering men don’t graduate college as often. Not surprised again that you’re a starving “artist” with a liberal arts degree. You clearly have not been burdened by an overabundance of education... I’ll be sitting here with my dual computer science and philosophy degree, so I’ll be perfectly fine while you neanderthal it up there :) After taking your head out of your *ss, go back to your pathetic life of MRAing it up and whining about how you can’t get women because you think you’re so great not realizing the manboobs and neckbeard you have and spouting inane things on the internet (which causes you to hole yourself up in your cave like the neanderthal you have, leading to the aforementioned neckbeard and manboobs), instead of pretending you have something useful to say… deadbeat redpiller cuck.