Shivom Partners With MeFy to Foster Healthcare Data Collection and Accessibility in Developing Economies

As concerns grow over inconsistencies and security in the healthcare space, Shivom has struck a partnership with MeFy, to further enhance its mission to build the world’s largest genomics knowledge database, by combining MeFy’s platform for collecting phenotypic and diagnostic data. MeFy is developing a cohesive healthcare platform with blockchain security, to collect patient data in developing economies, with India being its first market . The idea is to combine information from both platforms to maximize advanced analysis from the data collected and to enable access to comprehensive data sets by therapeutic companies for research and drug development initiatives.

The MeFy platform will be installed in hospitals and other medical institutions in India, and ultimately Africa, and Asia. Mefy is committed to utilizing the amassed data of patient records for integrating AI solutions to provide insights for research, analysis, and development.

What to Expect From the Association?

Envisioned to transform healthcare data into valuable information for clinical trials and drug research, Shivom’s genomics platform powered by blockchain, will allow users to share and monetize their DNA data with research institutions all over the world. However, lack of diversity in genome datasets is a major hurdle for drug development, and one of the challenges Shivom aims to resolve by gathering data from underrepresented populations. Similarly, MeFy shares this vision in providing access to healthcare services in developing economies, and provides a complementary service by allowing for the collection of phenotypic data that can be combined alongside the genomic testing that Shivom will provide.

What’s Ahead?

Going forward, both entities will jointly work towards incentivizing donors in rural areas using platform tokens. Furthermore, the collaboration will focus on developing strategic protocols of sample collection, extraction, storage and sharing with interested institutions all over the world.

Shivom and MeFy will not only conduct public awareness campaigns about the importance of patient data security on the blockchain network, but will also discuss the incentives that are available to the members of the communities participating in the healthcare tests and providing their data. Together, Shivom and Mefy will exchange technological expertise to extract value from genomic and phenotypic data, while supporting the donors developing economies.