Threely Wallet vs Traditional Wallets

Project Threely
Apr 6, 2019 · 2 min read

ProjectThreely helps you do more with blockchain ✨

Threely can be understood as URL Shorteners available on the internet but, for Blockchain Wallet Addresses. Threely shortens long wallet addresses & produces short three-word addresses containing meaningful and memorable words (for example — tree.planet.water or Shorter & Meaningful addresses are easier to share than long 25–45 letter, complex blockchain addresses.

ProjectThreely consists of 8 components, One of them is Threely Wallet ✨

Threely Wallet runs on Threely Technology and is available on all your devices. Threely Wallet lets you create and manage all your blockchain assets from one app.
When we started out, Our mission was to provide a wallet which was as easy to use as traditional fiat P2P wallets available in the market like PayPal. However, The challenge was the usability and adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Currently, only tech-savvy people get their hands on with cryptocurrency, Our mission is to give all kinds of people the ability to get their hands on with cryptoassets. Threely provides an infrastructure that gives us the ability to do that and a lot more.

and now, There is a big list of reasons to ditch your traditional wallets and choose Threely Wallet ✨

The attached comparison chart gives you a rough idea of how the future is changing with Threely Wallet. Threely has over 16+ Never seen before features making us one of the worlds Innovative wallet. Threely is just the right ecosystem that you’ll need for your digital life. Threely Team is working day & night to bring mass adoption to the cryptocurrency and blockchain world.

and You can help us do that by spreading the word and changing the future of internet money ✨
In the coming days, We will be spreading the word and teasing the amazing features of Threely wallet powered by OryxPay, an EST Capital AG Company followed by a video teaser shortly.

Learn more about ProjectThreely & Threely Wallet at ( 🚀

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