5 features to have in a project management software

Project management tasks can be completed through plenty of tools, but the important thing is to check whether such tools have the right features to go with. As an example, you may want a project management tool for mapping out project plans and schedules, or collaborating with your colleagues who are working remotely on other locations.

There many few common features that should be available in every project management tool. Here are some of the best features in a project management software:

1) Project Planning

For project managers the best project management tool is the one that maps the project’s tasks and shows how they are connected. Planning the project includes breaking down all the tasks and assigning them to responsible resources. The tool helps with creating the connection between the tasks and particular team member.

2) Task Management

This is simply the ability to define a tasks and assign it to someone, create deadlines and estimated hours for the completion. Such functions are much needed in a project management software as it carefully does everything while keeping an eye on the overall impact of the workload on a team member. 3) Document Sharing and Collaboration

Every team has to share project details and collaborate with other members in the team. This also helps with increasing the productivity of a team and allows them to focus on a single goal. A project management tool allows team members to upload and store documents and later share them with other members in real time.

4) Tracking the Time

Tracking time in a project is as important as the project itself. This helps every team member to be sure about how much time is devoted to each task. Project management tools helps by allowing you to track the time and get some grip on what needs to be completed. It keeps a track of all deadlines and notifies team members by sending reminders about their tasks.

5) Invoice Generation

When the project is finished, it’s time to get your payment by sending an invoice however, it requires creating spreadsheets, copying and calculating figures. But, with a project management tool, invoices can be made through the data available in the project. The project management tool picks the tasks and time spent, and all you have to do is click generate and send the invoice. Which Software to Choose?

Acteamo is one such tool that has all the features listed above. Whenever your business is on the peak, it becomes difficult to handle multiple projects however, with Acteamo you can have all the flexibility for your projects.