Project Tradex will be hosting Battle of Champions for Basketball Competition supported by Dash Next.

1.) Create an account in app or download directly

2.) Fund your TradexSports Wallet with the minimum amount of 5000 $TXH on the app. It will serve as your entry for the competition. (No Bonus or Rewards funds applicable )

3.) Each competition will have 1000 participants and Winner’s ranking will be declared based on the points earned .

4.) 24 hours before the Match, every eligible participant will be given links to fill up with an option to select on which team they want to bet , select your favourite 8 players and Once you have selected your 8 players, you will have to assign a Star Player (SP) and a Pro Player (PP) for your team. Only Dash user will have additional option to select one Dash Star Player (DSP).
The Star Player will give you 2x points scored by them in the actual match.
Your Pro Player will give you 1.5x points scored by them in the actual match. The Dash Star Player will give 1.5x points scored by then in actual match. Winners ranking will be decided based on the points earned by the players selected by you.

5.)Dash users/Participants will recieve 10% additional $TXH and also earn 1.5x bonus points on top of each selected player for all pre playoff games.

6.) On match day Participants will be able to watch/View score on there TradexSports App/Website

7.) Prize Pool- 10,000 USD

Rank#1- - - - - - - 5000 USD

Rank #2- - - - - - - 2500 USD
Rank #3 - - - - - - 1250 USD

Rank 4th-13th - - 125 USD each

Join and get an opportunity to win
5000 USD. Visit or Download the app now
#fantasybetting #DASH #Ethereum #Coinbase #astropay #contest #cryptocurrency




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Project TradeX

Project TradeX

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