Big August Release: automated payment collection, doc links, customer dashboards

Project X
2 min readAug 10


Automated payment collection

From now on, Project X will collect all recurring payments for API subscriptions automatically.

Your customers need to pay the first invoice manually to set up payment method for automatic payment collection. After that, all invoices will be settled automatically in the background, creating a seamless user experience.

Note that this feature does not use Stripe Billing: Project X manages all aspects of recurring payments itself.

The reason for that is that Stripe Billing, commonly used among other API monetization solutions, incurs additional fee on your payments, while Project X strives to minimize your payment processing costs. Avoiding unnecessary transaction fees is one of the measures taken at Project X to achieve this goal.

Documentation and ToS links

API settings page has got two new fields for links to your API documentation and Terms of Service.

The links will be displayed on the checkout page of your API product so your customers can easily access the docs and ToS.

Documentation and ToS links on the sample checkout page

Customer dashboards

Your API users can now see their actual usage updated in realtime.

The newly introduced customer dashboards display current usage data and the time until the next quota limit reset.

Example of a customer dashboard