Nimesulide advantages

Nimesulide is a non-steroidal anti inflammatory drug prescribed for the treatment of acute pain, joint pain and primary dysmenorrhoea.

Advantages for the treatment of Nimesulide:

  • Nimesulide has less gastrointestinal adverse effects than other NSAIDs.
  • It has superior benefit-risk ratio to other drugs with a comparable safety and tolerability to placebo.
  • Its multifactorial mode of action gives it a unique and broad action on inflammatory.
  • Nimesulide is also safe in sensitive asthmatic patients.
  • It is reported to be beneficial in relieving the symptoms of rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis tubaritis and seceretory otitis media with concomitant antibiotic treatment.
  • Nimesulide has potent analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic activities.


Nimesulide is available with the dosage of 100mg its measurements ought to be taken by medicine of doctor and specialist which will help to take proper dosage for good come about. Nimesulide is recommended to be used for the shortest duration

Nimesulide has superior gastrointestinal safety as compared to other NSAIDs.Its multifactorial mode of action gives it a unique and broad action on inflammatory processes.It has proven benefits in the treatment of Acute (short term) pain, Painful osteoarthritis (Swelling in the joints) and Primary dysmennorhea ( Period Pains).