Nimesulide dosage

The most prescribed pain killer drug- Nimesulide is been available since 1985 with a multifactorial mode of action.

Nimesulide is indicated for the treatment of acute pain, Painful osteoarthritis (Swelling in the joints) and primary dysmenorrhoea.

The maximum duration and dose of a treatment course with nimesulide is recommended with the shortest period of 15 days, 100 mg twice a day, to minimize the risk of hepatotoxicity.

The main purpose of Nimesulide tablets is for the treatment of painful inflammatory conditions, back pain, dysmenorrhea, postoperative pain, osteoarthritis, and fever.

Oral dosage form in adults :100 mg and In children : 5 mg/kg/day in 2 or 3 divided doses. It is prescribed for the shortest duration.

Nimesulide has superior gastrointestinal safety as compared to other NSAIDs. Its multifactorial mode of action gives it a unique and broad action on inflammatory processes.

Nimesulide should only be prescribed as second line treatment. The decision to prescribe nimesulide should be based on assessment of the individual patient.

Nimesulide also improves the skin tone and to increase in energy levels. Food, gender and advanced age have negligible effects on Nimesulide pharmacokinetics.