#protip4: Be personable. Nobody likes robots.

Imagine yourself wandering through a quiet street, late at night, when you suddenly come across a lamp. You rub the lamp and a genie appears out of it. “Your wish is my command”, he says. What are you likely to ask for in such a situation? Whatever you wish for, I assure you, it would not be out of the things that you already own.

Human beings desire for variances in life since monotony does not suit their personality. Nobody wishes to wear the same clothes each day, eat the same meal, or follow the same routine because nobody likes being a robot. This holds true for their personality as well; people are loved for being pleasant and personable, rather than being dull and weird.

Therefore, it is highly essential for human beings to be personable for the sake of being accepted in the society. People who are pleasant hence contain a few traits that distinguish them from the rest. Amongst these, the very first characteristic is that they listen, not hear. The two have a very basic difference; hearing being a process of the sound waves hitting one’s eardrums whereas; listening being a quality of paying attention to what is being said. Thus, pleasant individuals focus more on listening via which they build good relationships with the ones around them.

The second trait of a highly personable individual is empathy. Pleasant individuals are pretty empathetic in nature; which means they understand a situation via imagining themselves in it. Hence, through being empathetic, these individuals show concern towards their fellows while developing strong relationships. Followed by this trait, is the characteristic of calling people by their names. People feel honored when they are called by their names since a name is an element that distinguishes a person from the rest while reinforcing their distinct identity. Hence, a personable person is likely to speak to everyone using their name.

Such individuals know the art of making everyone, around them, feel good. They make others laugh when they are stressed, smile when they are in pain, and giggle when they are burdened. These qualities of them make them popular among their team. Moreover, they themselves smile, laugh, and talk about positive things which allow them to emit positive vibes. These vibes then make the environment around them pleasant.

The quality, of being pleasant, is hence very vital in an individual, however; not everyone is capable of pulling off this attitude. For some, such an attitude is inborn while for others it requires constant practice. Nevertheless, the fact remains; whosoever practices being personable and pleasant, is liked by others. Therefore, if you wish to win hearts, do not forget to Be Personable.