Planned Parenthood,

We Don’t Need You.

They call themselves “America’s most trusted provider of reproductive health care.”

But Planned Parenthood, how can we trust you if you’re illegally altering the abortion procedure — using “less crunchy” methods — in order to obtain more profitable specimens? How can we trust you if you’re forcing employees to harvest brains and put them in a styrofoam cup? And how can we trust you if you’re doing all of this without the consent of the actual women you’re caring for?

Planned Parenthood, we’re not against women services. But we are against profiting illegally and deceptively on the women of America. We believe that the members of our generation deserve transparent, compassionate, and accountable healthcare, and you’ve made it unquestionably clear that you provide none of those things.

Planned Parenthood claims that these videos are maliciously edited — that they’re taken out of context. But tell me Planned Parenthood, how can the phrase “less crunchy methods” be taken out of context? How can the statement, “We don’t want to be in a position of being accused of selling tissue” be taken out of context? These quotes mean what they mean regardless of the words around them, and that’s the unquestionable reality.

But frankly, Planned Parenthood, even if you did perform abortions following every law to the letter, you’d still be cheating women. Because when you tell them that their unborn children are mere blobs of tissue, you’re lying to them. Planned Parenthood, do you honestly believe that a journey of several inches down the birth canal suddenly makes that “fetus” a human being? Do you honestly believe that a life caused by two human beings is not itself human from the time it was conceived?

When a woman is in a situation of crisis, they need compassion and support. They don’t need to remedy their state of tragedy with an additional tragedy.

The woman in crisis is not the only one that needs compassion, though. The employees of Planned Parenthood need it too. They wake up in the morning, and they honestly and truthfully believe that they’re helping women with what they do. We’re not condemning them. They deserve to be treated with love and respect. Because it’s not the people of Planned Parenthood that we’re protesting today. It’s the ideals of Planned Parenthood that we’re protesting. These are people — people with undeniable value. Today is a day to love on them, and I pray that every protestor in America lives out that message with everything they do.

I’m a 16-year-old high school student, and 22% of my generation was aborted. But abortion has affected more than just my generation. It’s affected me personally.

At the age of 19, my mom found out that she was pregnant. She was scared, and she felt alone. When my mom was confronted with this situation, she went to a local Planned Parenthood. They didn’t tell her all of her options, but referred her for an abortion. And today, my family is one person short of what it should’ve been. I have two brothers, but I should have three. What Planned Parenthood offers women is surely helpful at the time — after all, it gives women a chance to escape the hardships of carrying their pregnancy to term. But in the end, abortion takes away a life and leaves those affected by it thinking about what could’ve been.

I’ve lost potential friends and family members to the atrocity of abortion. And I realize that maybe those friends and family members were conceived in unfortunate circumstances, perhaps a lack of financial provision or a lack of a two-parent home — but I can’t help but think of how different my life would be if they were here. I can’t help but think of the kind of world-changers that my generation has lost.

Planned Parenthood defends their selling of fetal tissue with the fact that it could lead to scientific discoveries. They tell us that this tissue could be the key to curing cancer. But I have another question for you, Planned Parenthood. What if in your hopes to cure cancer with the aid of fetal tissue, you aborted the curer of cancer himself? We’ll never know how abortion has changed our world, but I can’t shake the thought that some of those 55 million aborted children since 1973 might’ve become the next President of the United States, or the next great musician, or the next astronaut. When 22% of my generation was aborted, 22% of my generation’s potential went with it.

But what happens if we get rid of Planned Parenthood? Will the women of America lose access to valuable healthcare? The number of comprehensive healthcare facilities in the United States outnumber the amount of Planned Parenthoods 20 to 1. Our healthcare program clearly doesn’t need Planned Parenthood to function.

Our half-a-billion tax dollars that go to Planned Parenthood would be better spent elsewhere — to a healthcare provider that’s more transparent and less deceptive. And that’s part of why thousands of Americans are protesting today: to defund Planned Parenthood. Because our healthcare system doesn’t need them.

When Planned Parenthood sells baby parts, they do so for the purpose of profit and the ability to use donor money for abortion costs.

Our healthcare facilities should respect young women enough to be transparent with them, to show them all their options, and not to be motivated by profit margins. My generation needs transparent, compassionate, and accountable healthcare. We don’t need Planned Parenthood.