The Graduating Father-Son Duo

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From playing catch and reeling in the biggest fish, to working on cars and cheering on sports teams together, there is a very special bond between a father and son. The bond between one father-son pair who inspired each other and worked together to achieve their dreams, however, is one for the books. Edmundo Fuentes and his son Levi Fuentes, took to the stage together to receive their GED diplomas Tuesday, May 16, in Tyler, Texas.

Edmundo went for a drive one day when he passed a billboard that displayed a message about the high dropout rate of high school students. The message inspired him to research different ways he could get his GED, leading him to register for classes at Literacy Council of Tyler (LCOT). LCOT provides English Language Learning instruction, GED test preparation, higher education and vocational training, and more.

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Edmundo convinced his son Levi, who dropped out of high school in his senior year, to enroll and take classes with him. While both worked full-time jobs during the day, they spent the last year taking night classes to prepare for the GED® test.

“When we sit down during dinner, my dad will say, ‘Do you know … ‘ and he’ll tell me something he learned in his history class,” Levi told the Tyler Morning Telegraph. “I think it’s cool that he’s learning new things and I am, too. It’s been good to refresh my mind with things I had previously learned in school.”

The father-son duo grew happy with their learning experiences and after a year,earned their GEDs. Both Edmundo and Levi are now enrolled in a seven-week intensive college preparation class at LCOT and will be starting classes at Tyler Junior College this fall.

“I thought I could be a role model for Levi and other kids who have dropped out of school and to let them know that they still have time, because it’s never too late,” Edmundo told the newspaper.

Want to learn how you can help adult learners like Edmundo and Levi. Learn about ways that you can help individuals gain the adult literacy skills they need to live a happy, quality of life.

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Every adult in the world has the right to literacy.

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