Why do this? Whether this is for home or business, it can be a drag to find a place to run the controller if you don’t have on-prem servers. A cloud based controller can also be a huge benefit if you have multiple sites, as you can then manage your entire multi-site network from a single pane.

I’m writing up this guide to help consolidate the various information I had to use to get my UniFi controller working properly for L3 adoption. It’s not really complicated, but judging by forum posts on the UBNT support site a lot of people…

Netatmo has always struck me as an interesting device, but I’ve honestly never had a real reason or need to have a weather station at my home.

With that said, one place I do have an actual need to monitor environmental statistics is at my data center. We have around 6000 square feet of raised floor and 120 tons of cooling that we need to monitor and graph data for.

To date we had no remote way to monitor this stuff, and really didn’t have a need to, but as the regulatory atmosphere gets more complex we need to be…

I am a big fan of hands-on learning, so I am creating this story to document the process I went through to create a vSphere 6 lab here at home. I’ve taken bits and pieces from various other sites, but my goal here is to fill in all the gaps I found to be missing along my journey. I hope you find this helpful.


The goal here is to create a fully functional vSphere 6 setup running vCenter 6 (VCSA) and vSAN 6. Other features and goals will follow, but for now we’ll focus on getting this up and running.

Dan Reid

random tech stuff.

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