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Prometheus has allocated 10,000,000 PRO tokens for the airdrop. That is $1,000,000 in the ICO value. Price of the PRO token in the ICO is $0.1.

Airdrop can be found on this link:

Tasks are very simple and this is an easy airdrop:
1. Join our Telegram channel
2. Follow us on Twitter
3. Like our Facebook page
4. You will get 100 PRO tokens
5. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. This task is optional and it is worth 30 PRO tokens
6. Fill out the airdrop form
7. For every referral users will get 30 PRO tokens

All users will be manually verified to prevent any cheating and abusing of the airdrop rules. …

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During most of 2018, the Prometheus team was building the MVP (Minumum Viable Product). We wanted to build on blockchain, we wanted to contribute to the blockchain implementation in the real world use-cases.

Ask anybody what is the database, everybody will tell you what it is. That is why the database is with us for more than 30 years, and we are familiar with it. But, if you ask what is blockchain, then only a small part of people will try to tell you what it is. And, that is normal. New technologies need time to be accepted.

Blockchain is somehow an evolution of the database. It is a distributed database that cannot be manipulated. And we wanted to build on that. Every business entity is using a database. Lots of them need a blockchain solution, but it can be very expansive. Imagine that a university has its data on the blockchain. There will be no manipulation with the grades. Wouldn’t that be great? …

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We have created a fully functional MVP that will be the foundation of the future Prometheus platform. You can see a video presentation on our YouTube channel. With our platform our users, and our focus will be on business entities, will be able to transfer their business processes to the blockchain. It will be that easy. Users will connect to their business database and with few clicks select desired data and transfer it to the selected blockchain. With a little effort and affordably they will become real users of blockchain technology. …



Prometheus platform enables the integration between the part of the business process and blockchain technology.

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