In the woods where all the flowers strengthen to bloom after a rainy day , bumble bees flying over my head , birds chirping , ants crawling over me , the sun shinning over my forehead and I feel excitement for the summer to set in . Siting on the ground with my back against a giant tree , looking at the deep vivid blue sky . Slowly I lay down and close my eyes as I take a deep breath , letting nature fulfill my body and soul with grounding energy and slowly fall into a deep meditation state .

I open my eyes within visualization , in a gentle meditation state and see a vivid rich green landscape from afar, I see a golden door gate before the landscape , I reach the left pocket of my Catherin D’lish Nature Green Boudoir Robe with pastel light green feather trim and find no key , I walk towards the gate door and it opens by itself , I walk in and look down and I notice I am walking slow , oh its because I am wearing my Bettie Page black fetish heels …… (So I realize that in this meditation session I am reflected and being Mistress Wolverinna).

I continue walking slowly while greeting all the flowers that already bloomed . I see orchids , huge callas , I see light pink carnation flowers as well as deep red ones , tulips and all kinds of unlimited flowers I imagine , the sky is a shade of lavender meets pink meets baby blue . I walk towards my wooden castle and vanish the door , as I walk in and look to the right I see bubbles coming out of my wooden jacuzzi , its been warming up , the water is almost hot . Softly I strip off my green robe and walk in to the jacuzzi where I completely let my self submerge into the soft hot water , Allowing the water to balance my body , mind and soul . By then I am in a deep state of relaxation . Then instantly I manifest my self on stage with velvet red curtains closed (I am about to perform) the stage is floating in the sky . So I ask my self , what are you wearing ? what number are you performing ? as i look down to my wooden castle I notice old fashioned BURGUNDY RED VELVET ROSES blooming before my eyes , I didn’t see them while my entrance . I let the image of this old fashioned rose fulfill me with inspiration and I gently smile so instantly I manifest a rose costume and the stage curtains OPEN.

I open my eyes and I am back into the woods within this psychical reality and simply feel grateful for allowing my self to meditate and let creative energy surround me . Then I ride my bike and take a different route , I feel adventurous .This is how the universe works , My life is a list of synchronized event. I end up passing by a house that has velvet burgundy reddish roses , the first time during this season that I see them (smiles) . I immediately stop and instead of taking a photo and posting it to instagram , I observe the beauty of the old fashioned rose , I observe its angles and composition . I say Hello to all of them and thank them for their beauty in front of my eyes . I take a photo in my mind and record a great image of one of the roses. Feeling exited I head back home . When I get home I write down ideas on my journal for a new BURLESQUE COSTUME , I write down a STORY LINE , I AM INSPIRED !!! find songs and then write down a CHOREOGRAPHY that fits best to the costume . Not before I dig into my grandmas old school 1950s records from CUBA and find the lovely songs that remind me of my childhood , listening to her dance randomly to this songs when I was a kid . Realizing that I have all this music grown within me . Knowing deep in me that this will bring a beautiful addition to my repertoire . I call this number MY BURGUNDY VELVET ROSE .

Teaser / Behind the scenes while shooting BVRNumber and some Snaps from LIVE BURLESQUE SHOWS from this month .
~Costume hand crafted and executed By Markko Donto

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