Scorpio tease , snake tease .

Wolverinna’s Teaserama

(preview to what’s cookin’) ❤

A tribute to Bettie Page and the world of burlesque & pin up , preview of the VIDEO that I am working on with my team . I first got into Bettie Page — The Iconic Pin Up Girl / Bondage model through my best friend during high school . I admired her aesthetics , dance movement , pin up life style , BANGS ❤ . She had the beauty and POWER of a legendary goddess of love . I’ve always admired her . My female persona has been inspired by Bettie . When my female persona got into thightlasing , corsets , thigh highs , garter belts , cone bras and vintage undergarments , I felt like everything felt and suited me well . I’ve always been into sexy , fetish underwear for men . But for my female persona getting into pin up wasn’t that hard , it felt naturally . mainly pin up opened up to the love I have now for burlesque (aesthetically). I say “aesthetically” because burlesque for me means more than just an image , or a costume , it’s my performance art way to express my passions , desires , emotions , goofiness on stage and not to forget my skills as a dancer and ideas i want to show . I’ll make a post about that separately . I recently cut my hair short and gave my self some bettie page bangs . This are few of the photos from the shoot I did on Tuesday . I will definitely keep my black hair and bangs as it always resonated more with my natural aesthetic . I didn’t really try to channel bettie page in this shot , I will definitely will channel her in shoots , but in this one I realized that at the end of the shot , how beautiful they came out . all of the undergarments I am wearing are some of my undergarments that I have yet not bedazzled , and will probably keep them all plain as it bring out more of the vintage style . During the shoot I spent mostly doing slow movement on the floor to my classical numbers doing bump and grinds and teasing the camera, Enjoy the tease ☺

I was never the girl next door.
“All you have to do is put on the Bettie Bangs and everybody automatically knows what it means.” — Olivia De Berardinis
Her attitude, her eyes, that’s the most important, the steam that rises from them. That’s the most important thing to me. She has magic. Some people have it.
“I like being outdoors. I like to go cavorting in the nude in the forests. It is just another world. To take sunbaths in the nude.” -BP
“Bettie Page is the Queen of Pin-ups. the model of the century, yet she remains one of its best kept secrets.” — Playboy Magazine
She expressed sexual liberation. Also sexual experimentation I think she represents, self-gratification for women.” — Olivia De Berardinis


Wolverinna with Mandy Amanda Lepore and Jordan fox circa 2011
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