Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

Exactly this. The knee-jerk reaction to scapegoat the poor for Trump has been relentless and deeply disturbing. Excusing or tolerating racial-hate is just a mico-milimetre away from supporting it. Actually, forget the micro-milimetre.

The situation is complex. It feels like a vast, tangled conspiracy of media manipulation, unethical corporations and self-loathing. Remembering Jimmy Fallon tousling Trump’s hair while the Roots(!) provided musical accompaniment just fills me with hopelessness. Remembering Obama speaking about what a personal insult it would be to his legacy and to him personally if the African-American community didn’t continue to vote in record numbers (voter oppression aside, they didn’t) does the same thing.

Ultimately, I think it may come from a false understanding of Progress. The idea that progress as a concept is as inherent in society and politics, as it is in science and technology, is almost a religion. A false one. Some lessons can be built on, some need to be relearnt on a daily basis. The demented epistomology of whiteness has clearly mutated into something stronger, resilient, armed, empowered, ennobled, yet ever hateful.

But there are so many of them. A new generation led by powerful, unfiltered hate conduit leaders and profiteers like Mark Zukerberg and and his pal Peter Thiel. How to even think about the FBI-KKK-KGB-GOP axis of hate? All levels of government as well? The stock market celebrating? This must be science fiction. This cannot be reality.

Everything has changed, yet there is continuity. The struggle continues.