Some Resources for Machine Learning and Deep Learning

collected from Unsplash

I am following these resources according to this sequence. I am posting this for the newbie like me. I hope it’ll help you.

1. Linear Algebra:

2. Differential Equation:

3. Multivaribal Calculus:

4.Statistics and probability:

5.Machine Learning : [Basic ML]

6. Deep Learning : [Basic DL]

7. Deep Learning:[Basic DL]

Now choose a course according to your need Computer Vision or Natural Language Processing

8.CS231n: Convolutional neural network: (for Computer Vision)


9.CS224n: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning


Happy journey! :)

Promila Ghosh Monty

Written by

A tech enthusiast, DL freak and a lone wolf. You can see my detail from my website: and you can contact me through email:

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