Homage to Mildred Dresselhaus

Sometimes when you are so busy with life, you cannot keep track of your heroes, even if for a brief period. Now, I digest the news of her death, more than a month ago, with deep sadness.

I have never known her personally really, but have been constantly inspired by her from distance. She was a scientific giant of our times, and pioneer of so many things in carbon-nanoscience and carbon-materials.

She has won all the top scientific honors of course — the Presidential Medal of Freedom, National Medal of Science, Enrico Fermi Award — the list goes on. But what is most magnetic about her, is her calm, smiling, peaceful and confident deameanor.

In my uneven scientific journey, she would remain a North Star. There is still much to learn from her, like Mahabharat’s Ekalavya self-learning from mentor Dronacharya.

You will be much missed, Dear Prof. Dresselhaus. Good bye.