Things to Consider While Selecting a Uniform and Workwear

Buying the right workwear for your employees is one of the greatest investments you will ever make. Best Uniforms and clothing are no longer a formality but they also play a great role in branding and motivating your personnel. With the workwear market evolving so rapidly there is no excuse to stick to the old standard cotton. If you haven’t changed your worker’s uniform for years it is time for an overhaul. Your company’s image will receive a boost and your staff will definitely enjoy turning up to work in dazzling outfit.

How do you go about selecting the right workwear? With so many options in the market it can be confusing. Luckily you can use this simple guide to get it right:

1. Fabrics: Always but the right fabric for the right job and working environment. Canvas and cotton are still popular but synthetic wear is on the rise including polyester. Cotton is comfortable but then polyester keeps away moisture. You can even go for UV blocking fabrics where the sun is harsh.

2. Professionalism: Always ensure your employees look neat and smart by investing in elegantly designed clothing. The attire should ooze warmth, professionalism and elegance.

3. Colours: This depends on your work setting but it is important to check the trends. Make sure you get the right tone for your working environment.

4. Comfort: There is no compromise on this. Make sure the fabric, seize and design allows your employees to work comfortably.

5. Safety: For those working in extreme environments ensure the uniform meets safety standards in the industry. Flame retardant clothing for instance is perfect for cooks and fire-fighters. Hi-visibility clothing in industrial settings and outdoor jobs is also required.

You can also go for customised headwear, footwear, t-shirts, blazers among others through embroidery and screen printing. Other factors to consider include cost, type of use, durability, quality of materials and maintenance.