Promodio Q4 Roadmap

Hello guys , I will tell you about the exciting Promodio Q4 Roadmap. As you know, we have progressed very quickly so far. We accomplished 3 Partnership announcements, High APY staking program, Airdrop, XT.xom exchange listing, listing, community events and more that I haven’t mentioned.

So will we stop? No, we will continue to move forward in the same way. So what awaits us in Q4?

-High Apy Stake Program Will Continue Until 26 November

-Community Contes/Events

-10 AMA Event

-Marketing Activities

-Partnerships Announcements


-Big Airdrop

-Top10 Exchange Listing

-Beta Platform Launch

-Starting new social media platform modules development process.

***This roadmap does not reflect the course historically. Only things to do in Q4 are mentioned

For more , stay tuned.

About Promodio

Promodio is an organization that combines the Advertising industry with Blockchain technology and supports this system with developments.

It is an undeniable fact that advertising services are very expensive and sluggish today. Analyzing the problems and difficulties in the advertising industry, Promodio offers fast, reliable and inexpensive advertising services to its users.

One of the features that distinguish Promodio from other advertising industry coins is that it provides social media interaction integration for the first time. Promodio’s main difference from other platforms is that it doesn’t get the whole stake for itself but it aims to share it with its members.

Aiming to integrate all social media platforms that have been used a lot over time, Promodio aims to add value to this sector with its different perspectives and innovations by adopting innovative ideas to reality.

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