Chris Christie’s Big Adventure

Hey, honey. You know how I’m governor of one of the fifty states in America — and how that’s a really, really important thing???

Well, so, I was deep in the forest this morning — skipping along and minding my own business –la la la la la la la la la — when suddenly, I came upon a strange man with a bright, orange face and very tiny hands!

And he said, how would I like to trade my big, important governorship for a handful of magic beans!? And a possible cabinet position!?

And! And — he said — I could travel all over with him — and even pick up his lunch!

Well, of course I said yes!

But then — he disappeared!!! And now, I haven’t got anything left.

Not even the magic beans. I ate them.

I’m so so sad. I don’t know what to do.

I guess I’ll drive a bus for NJ Transit.