How to choose jewelry for a photo shooting

Today we’ll try to compile a set of basic rules for a photo shooting.

Jewelry is not a number one question in photo shooting, but wrongly chosen accessories might ruin the entire set of pictures. To get ready for a photo shoot you should know the location first — it’s style and color theme. Then goes the clothing and its color and style and only when everything is settled you can open your jewelry box.

Here we go,

Rule #1. The less jewelry the better. It’s very important not to go too far with amount of jewelry you’re wearing. It might be very tempting to put on your favorite massive earrings with that lovely wooden bracelet and the ring, but remember that besides the jewelry there will be you on the picture. You can use “the rule of three items” — which means do not wear more than 3 items at once — earrings with a ring or a pendant, a ring and a bracelet. Remember about this rule especially if you love bright and fancy jewelry.

Rule #2. Match jewelry with your outfit. If what you’re wearing is an Indian style colorful dress with sparkles etc., then an anklet and a toe ring are appropriate accessories, otherwise think twice. If your style is casual in moderate colors then your jewelry should be simple and low-key style. A long thin chain necklace with a simple pendant in a company of a bracelet with pearls and a simple thin ring will look great.

Rule #3. Do not mix fashion jewelry with precious metals and stones. It looks cheap and inelegant.

Rule #4. Proportions. Always keep in mind that the size of jewelry should be in right proportion to your face features (for earrings) and the body. If you’re slender do not choose extra-large stones and if you’re a curvaceous girl — tiny thin chains and rings are not for you. If you have a long graceful neck then choose short necklaces with round stones. Do not exaggerate it with long V-shape necklaces. If you have a short neck then middle length necklace which are 5 cm lower than your collarbones is the right choice. It will help to make the neck look longer.

Rule #5. Do not wear jewelry on those parts of your body with issues. All girls are beautiful — that is no doubt, but nobody’s perfect. So if you have some issues do not draw attentions to that part of your body by wearing jewelry. If your neck is a bit too short and wide do not wear a necklace with stones no matter how beautiful it is. And if your fingers aren’t long and thin — do not wear more than one ring and do not choose massive stones. Instead embellish your thick and glossy hair with a nice pin or accentuate the color of your blue eyes with elegant earrings with natural gemstones of the same color.

Some other basic rules

If the background is black or white — then choose jewelry of achromatic colors, such as black, white and all shades of grey. If the background is full of colors then you can add some bright accents to you look with jewelry.

And the last one — remember that you are the main hero in front of the camera, this photo shooting is all about you, it’s not about what you’re wearing and it’s not a jewelry commercial. Show your real personality to the camera; do not let your accessories to put you in the shade.

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