Resolve to Write

“What could we all create if we were to commit to the idea that this year, we’ll publish our work?”

It seems like everywhere you turn, people are working on their novels and making resolutions to finish them in 2016. Whether it’s to put an artifact of your life into the world, or make an impact in your industry, or just get that Wikipedia page, publishing a book continues to be the ultimate dream.

Unfortunately, a lot of writers never get around to actually publishing and selling their books. Even after completing their manuscripts and researching their publishing options, they become…stalled.

We here at Pronoun, creators of a platform for authors to publish, distribute, and market their books, were curious to know why.

So we asked 500 authors with manuscripts why they have not published. Here’s what they said:

“Fear of failure.”
–Author in Surrey, British Columbia

“Fear of ridicule.”
–Author in Williston, Vermont

“Fear that I am not good enough. Fear that my words won’t mean anything. Fear that I can’t do this. Fear of the unknown.”
–Author in Stockton, New Jersey

“Uncertainty about what to expect and how to achieve the best results.”
–Author in Regina, Saskatchewan

“Time to finish my book and the lack of knowledge about formatting it.”
–Author in Mullen, Nebraska

“I don’t know how to price my book.”
–Author in Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Marketing. Getting anyone to notice what one has done.”
–Author in Kansas City, Missouri

“Doubt and lack of support.”
–Author in Elmont, New York

All of these reasons were preventing people from following through on their dream of having published books.

Of course, since our mission is to get more great books and authors published, we want to help. We know that publishing a book doesn’t have to be confusing and shrouded in mystery. So this month, we’re publishing a series of articles to help all writers overcome their blockers.

But we also know that eliminating the uncertainty around publishing is only one step. First, you need to decide to publish. So now we’re asking our community: “What could we all create if we were to commit to the idea that during this year, we’ll publish our work?”

It could be something that you’ve been writing for years. It could be the next book in your series. It could be something meaningful about what you’ve learned in life. It could be a curated collection of your blog posts or personal essays.

It could be short. It could be long. It could be anonymized. It could be branded. It could be something that furthers your career. It could become a bestseller.

And it could just be a lot of fun putting your words in a book format.

Find out by taking a Pledge to Publish in 2016. You’ll get a free account on Pronoun, and access to tools that will guide you through the process of formatting, marketing, and distributing your book. We’ll send you helpful emails that will address some of the questions you might have about what it’s like to publish: information about how you can take the guesswork out of things like pricing and covers, figure out marketing, and get people to discover your work.

As an added incentive, if you take the pledge before January 31st, we’ll donate $1 to the Young Writers Program, a charity that encourages students to write, so that more people will be like you: people who create, and someday, share and sell what they’ve written in the world.

Make 2016 the year you publish. Take the pledge on

And hold yourself accountable by making your pledge public: Share on Facebook and Twitter.

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