The reason why you are always distracted.

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We live in an age of distractions and to be focused all the time is just not possible. We must always try to minimize our distractions instead of removing them, this is the better alternative. The major reasons you stay distracted are :

  1. Social media.

Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Facebook are the biggest social media platforms where you can endlessly scroll through hundreds of posts. The average person spends nearly 2.5 hours scrolling through updates, news, and celebrity posts. It is a very common problem where people are not able to control their social media usage and in turn, it hinders their work.

A simple tip to not fall into this trap is to either put your smartphone away from your workstation(I have discussed more regarding the importance later) or put it on airplane mode. This together with some discipline will work wonders.

2. Focus on your environment.

Coming on to the importance of having a proper workstation is more important than the work itself. I have underestimated the pros of having a clean and organized desk for a long time. The work desk is the reflection of our mind and how we organize it has a direct correlation to work efficiency. A clean desk allows us to have a clear focus and calm mind.

Having a separate workstation devoid of any distractions has been proven to improve our productivity. A good tip to remove distractions is to keep your phone away from your hand reach, and only keep a limited number of items on your desk.

Some items I always have on my desk :

  1. Clock
  2. Stationery (Pen, notebooks, etc.)
  3. Computer.
  4. A timetable
  5. A table lamp

3. You are Tired.

If you are tired then no matter what tips and tricks you use it will be useless, sleep is the key tip to productivity. I used to think the more I work the better it is, but it is wrong. I used to sleep for 4 hours each day and still saw no progress, it was a long time until I realized my mistakes.

Most top-scoring students sleep an average of 6 to 7 hours. This is even backed by CEOs, Data analysts, and mathematicians that a night of good sleep is important for focus and efficient work.

Overworking is a big reason behind feeling tired, I have seen students waking up at 6 AM and working late nights, this can be seen in their motivation, lack of concentration in their work. Taking small breaks and being distracted for some time is good, but not long.

4. No plan.

Now that you have removed the distractions, have a calm and organized working space, and had a good night of sleep, what’s next? A plan.

Many people fail in this, we overestimate what we can achieve in one day but underestimate what can be achieved in 1 year. This results in us working rigorously for a few days and then start skipping the schedule.

A method to make a good schedule is to keep a short 15-minute break between intervals of 90-minutes. This is a proven time bracket by research and allows us to work at optimal speed. The first thing to plan is the priority of different tasks. Decide the priority by the deadlines and importance of tasks. Try not to keep more than 3 tasks for a single day, avoid breaking the small tasks to be done in an interval of days because slowly you will lose interest in doing the same task.

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I write about self development and productivity .

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Pronoy Chakraborty

Pronoy Chakraborty

I write about self development and productivity .

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