The story of our new menu

Our new Pronto menu is finally here. For months,our culinary team worked hard on dreaming up new, wholesome and intriguing dishes.

The results? The menu you find on our website and iPhone app right now. We wanted to let you in behind the scenes, tell you more about how the magic happens — from farm to fork.

Just two of the Pronto dishes on the new menu

It had always been our intent to redesign the menu but we grew attached to the one we’d perfected over the last ten months and you guys had, too. That’s why we took the decision to keep your favourites from the older menu but also bring in drastically new dishes.

Once we’d drawn up a long list — a really long list — we reached out to some customers, friends and family and they became our very own meal consultants for a few weeks. The results we got back were surprising and not what we were expecting but each dish had the potential to be a Pronto signature one.

Enter new Head Chef Binod Baral, formerly of the F1 Paddock Club and a truly ingenious foodie.

Binod perfected the menu we’d drafted up and added his own touch to it. Then, with his culinary team in full, he made sure each and every dish was in line with our Pronto Principles of healthiness, freshness and local sourcing: food that’s good for you, the community and the environment..

“We’re using traditional cooking methods, with traditional ingredients but simply changing the smallest parts of those traditions to get each meal oozing Pronto and our beliefs.”

A full interview of Binod is in the making, so watch this space — but in the meantime, we invite you to have a look at our new menu.