Skapto Burgers are a small burger chain in Sofia, Bulgaria. Their food is home-made and their ingredients are all natural. Which means they aren’t very cheap. A handful of people have called the brand out for the price tag and when we saw the opportunity to have a laugh about it, we took it instantly.

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When we first heard the news that the Duct-taped banana from artist Maurizio Cattelan was selling for $120 000, we knew we had to get involved — and quickly too.


We took the cheapest burger at Skapto — Back to Basics — and duct-taped it to a wall. Accompanied by a simple message made to stick — “Stick to burgers”. We also wrote “don’t go bananas.”, …


Skapto is a small burger chain in Sofia but also a progressive brand that is an avid supporter of the legal use of weed in Bulgaria — a conservative country with little tolerance for such ideas.

On 20.04.2019 in front of The Bulgarian Parliament, a protest formed. Hundreds gathered to support the decriminalization of marijuana. It is in Skapto’s nature to be liberal and support the freedom of choice.

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Luckily, the site of the protests — The Parliament building — was just 5 minutes away from Skapto. …



proof. is a creative agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Young, striving and digitally-driven.

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