6 must have tools if you are running a remote team

An Indian sitting in Mumbai works for an American company located in Bay Area, California. An Australian in Canberra is handling projects for a Chinese company located in Beijing. And, a British organization uses remote workers located in Singapore to manage its work. The world has literally evolved into a global village, where information as well as resources from every nook and corner have become accessible to everyone.

As technology has unfolded the latest and greatest means of communication, remote work has come across as the culture that every individual endears. Online collaboration has brought to a stage where working together while sitting in different timezones has become a reality.

Coming to the fact that remote work is possible because of the evolution of online tools, we’ve compiled a list of some amazing tools that you must have if you are running a remote (or planning to run one in the near future) -

1. ProofHub

A fix for all your project management and online collaboration woes. ProofHub brings a blend of amazing productivity features that teams can use to run their day, their projects and their work-life. Tasks, Online discussions, Group chat, Reports, Gantt Charts, Proofing tool, Calendar, Timer, Timesheets, Quickies and what not; everything you need to bring teams together, collaborate and get projects delivered on time is available within this single tool. Collaboration is the biggest challenge that remote teams face, but with ProofHub it becomes effortlessly easy to collaborate, and manage remote teams without breaking a sweat.

2. Skype

There’s a reason why Skype is the most loved video chat tool in the world. It’s fairly simple to use, even your school going child can use it. You can use it to chat with team members, no matter where they are located. The beautiful, animated smileys will just make your day. You can use it to video/voice call them as per your liking. So, you can always get establish that human connection by looking at your team members, and how they are doing using the video chat. Skype simplifies the way you can communicate with your remote teams, making sure there are no bottlenecks in communication at any point of time.

3. Slack

A messaging app for the teams. That’s how the company defines itself. Slack is an amazing communication app that lets you communicate in real-time with your team members. Create open channels for your projects to stop information from getting mixed. Create private channels to keep information secret only within limited number of people. Drag and drop files to share them with others. Slack simplifies the way you exchange information within the team. Plus, there are useful integrations with tools you might be using for handling your projects, so you can get all your notifications at one place.

4. DropBox

A staple for not just remote teams, but for almost everyone in current time. As a cloud storage app DropBox brings all your important files, documents, images and more to one centralized place. And, you can share these files with anyone and everyone without any hassle. Being a cloud based storage app, you can access the stuff stored in it from any device from wherever you are. So the picture you clicked while being on the road trip during weekend is stored safely for you to use it for your next blog when you reach home.

5. Cloud9

A blessing in disguise for developer community, Cloud9 offers developer environment right on the cloud. So if you are a developer and want to free yourself from being stuck to a workstation in order to work on the development process, Cloud9 is just what you have been looking for. All the freedom you expect as a developer, you can get it using Cloud9. Create, build, run, maintain and control development stacks in an instant. Handle thousands of files, and lines of code in one central place. You can get all that and lot more in this powerful online code editor that comes with a full Ubuntu workspace in the cloud.

6. iDoneThis

Keeping track of the things done in a day at work can be a cumbersome task. But, iDoneThis makes it as easy 1–2–3. The tool automates activities like sending an email every night to your team members asking about what has been accomplished during the day. Also, it sends a digest containing those accomplishments to the added members so that everyone gets to know about those achievements. The application is fairly easy to use and takes all the pain out of reporting (the most tedious activity of the day).

Bonus tools

Those were some cool productivity and collaboration tools that you ought to give a try if you want to make remote working successful for your team. But, you need to have some fun at work as well? Shouldn’t you?

So as an added bonus, here are two more amazing and fun to use tools which you and your team are going to love -


Remote work means freedom to work from anywhere and at any time of the day. But, isn’t it irritating to get blinded by the brightness of computer screen when you switch it on to work during midnight? That momentous blindness can set the mood off. What if you had an app that could adapt your computer screen’s tint and brightness according to the time of the day and the atmosphere of room in which you are sitting. Well, that’s exactly what F.lux does. All you need to do is feed the software with information about the lighting you have and the place where you live, and leave the rest to this smart software.


One of the smartest password management apps that you will ever come across, Meldium makes sure that don’t let your mind squander around while remembering and sharing passwords. Meldium logs into your favorite websites automatically. You don’t need to type the usernames or passwords. Plus, whenever a new member joins your team, Meldium creates a new account for them in all the applications that you, and your team has been using at work. So, onboarding becomes painless. And, the best part is that you can share the access of your accounts without having to share the password with anyone. All in all, you can keep your important business information safe and password protected just like you always wanted to.

That’s all we have for you this time. But, this is not to say that the list is exclusive. There are plenty of more options available out there which can make remote working easier for you.

If you are using any, then we’d love to know about them. Do share with us in the comments.

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