6 super cool tech tools that make life easy for writers

Did you know that more than 211 million pieces of content are created on the internet every minute. Yes, I’m not talking about days or weeks. Multiply it with 1440 and that’s the amount content being created daily. With so much data overload, life has definitely become difficult if you are writer.

And, talking about that we all know that online writing is no longer an art where you can just express your feelings. If you want to become successful as a content writer, you need to amalgamate your creativity with smart use of technology. There’s a plethora of online tools in the market which can make life easy for you as a writer.

Here’s a list of some of the most powerful tools that can help you create supercalifragilisticexpialidocious content -

1. ProofHub

ProofHub is a project management and online collaboration tool equipped with amazingly powerful productivity features. You can create projects to organize your writing efforts. For instance, you can create a project for the writing that you do for clients and a separate one for your personal writings. There are notes which you can use to jot down your content. Plus, there is an in-built calendar which you can use to create an editorial calendar.

Apart from these, there are features like in-built chat, quickies, timesheets and third party integrations make it a perfect tool that can help you increase productivity and keep your work-life on track.

It comes with a 30-Day free trial, and the individual plan starts at $18/month (billed annually).

2. Evernote

Evernote is an online note taking app, which does lot more than just gathering your notes. The app syncs across multiple platforms seamlessly be it your smartphone, tablet or computer. What this means is that you can jot down the idea about the next blog post that popped up in your mind, while sipping coffee with your friends, in your smart phone. And, it will be ready to be developed into the blog piece as soon as you open your computer on reaching home.

The app comes with a basic plan, which is free of cost. The premium version priced at $49.99/year, comes with 10GB of monthly upload data, along with offline archiving and option to search and annotate PDFs and docs.

3. CoSchedule (headline analyzer)

Statistics show that 8 out of 10 readers don’t even make it past the headline when it comes to online content. But variations in the headline can make content go viral. According to Peter Koechley, founder of the New York based company Upworthy, change in headlines can bring up to 500% difference in the viewership of content.

CoSchedule is a free online tool that can help you write better headlines. It breaks the entire headline you’ve written into various elements to determine the effectiveness of your title. Factors like emotional value, proven types to get more traffic, the best length for the title, sentiment are used to score + grade your headline, and rate its likelihood to get maximum social media shares and SEO value.

4. Hemingway app

Hemingway app is a great tool for writers looking to improve their writing. The app is an easy way to view the potential problems that might be coming the way of you writing great content, and fixing them. Created by Adam and Ben Long, the app helps write clearer and crisper content, which is easy to read for the users.

It works by highlighting the common problems with your content like complex words and phrases, sentences which are hard to read, too many adverbs being used in the content as well as the usage of passive voice in the content. Each problem is color coded so you can easily identify, plus it offers a fix for the problem as well. For instance, suggesting simple alternatives to the complex words you’ve used in the post.

There’s a free online version available, or you can buy the paid downloadable software for your PC and Mac available at $9.99.

5. Copyscape

There is no room for plagiarism on the internet. Copied content can be harmful not only from the SEO perspective, but it can put you in legal trouble as well. This is the reason you need to stay wary of plagiarism. Copyscape has been been the most trusted online plagiarism checking tool for writer for more than a decade now. Helping writers with the instances of content theft since 2004, it is a must have tool in the repertoire if you are looking to make it big as a content writer.

The basic plagiarism checker tool is available free of cost, which lists on 10 results per search. However, signing up for Copyscape Premium is a worthy investment as it yields more insightful results at a meagre cost of $0.05 per search.

6. Buffer

As important it is to write good quality content, it is even more important to know where to spread your content. And, a smart writer must know which are the best platforms to spread your content. Buffer is a wonderful tool to create and post content on social media platforms in a fluid manner. You can schedule your posts to be published later at a time that suits the best for your audience. Plus, you can also track the reach and number of clicks for each post.

Buffer has also got a Google Chrome Extension. So you can add Buffer to your web, and as soon as you see something worth sharing, you can customize it and add it to the queue. In the free version, you can add up to 10 posts in queue for getting published later. You can check out the paid options to make the most of this social media sharing tool and make content sharing effortless.

P.S. — there is no tool that will magically create content for you. You will need to put meticulous efforts to create a piece of content that readers can enjoy reading. But yes, these tools can definitely make work easier for you.

Which tools do you use to simplify your writing and publishing process? Share your views with us in the comments section. And, don’t forget to hit the green heart ❤ below and spread the love.

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