How a project management tool can fit in the life of a teacher?

Teaching is not a service, profession or a job. It’s a pillar of society. A good teacher is like a doctor who heals ignorance. He/She is like an artist who inspires creativity. Yet when it comes to teaching methodologies, only a little has changed since old times.

Classroom teaching, the assignments and learning; everything is still pretty much the same. What has changed though is the expectations. People expect teachers to bring the best out of their pupils no matter how. They have to make their students ready to face the competitive environment which has grown multiple times as compared to the past.

Yes, internet has widened the horizons of knowledge sharing, with information on almost everything becoming available to access in just a few clicks. But, the basic challenges still remain the same.

Teachers have to prepare their lectures by scrolling multiple resources, be it on the internet or library. They have to visit schools and institutions if they want to collaborate with other teachers on a particular topic. Plus they have to maintain notes for students. All this can be more than a handful job for them. They have been doing it manually for all these years.

We say that technology has revolutionized almost every field. So is there nothing that technology has produced to make life easy for teachers? Ain’t there something that teachers can use to simplify the way they work?

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Well, there definitely is. And, that something is an online project management tool. Wondering how does a project management tool fit in the life of a teacher? Well, here’s how -

Plan lectures, syllabus and more

Just like any other professional, planning is the most important part of a teacher’s job. They have to plan their lectures. What topics they have to cover? Keep track of the topics already covered in the subject and more.

The old school method would be to maintain a written record of everything. Spend hours jotting down what you need to cover in the lecture. Which topics are pending for the term. That’s where these project management software can come in handy. Using these tools you can create tasks for each of the lectures. Then further add subtasks about the topics for that particular lecture. And, thereby simplify everything.

The next time you have to look at what you need to cover in the lecture, you don’t have to surf through endless bundles of notes.

Maintain a timetable

So many classes, so many students. Which lecture is scheduled for which day? When is the next class? When is the day off? Maintaining track of all this is another challenge associated with the life of a manager. A slight mistake in planning this schedule can derail the entire week’s activities.

You can use calendar in a project management tool for the same purpose. Plan out your schedule by marking lectures in the calendar on their particular day, time, class name. You can add any other important detail that you would need as well.

You can plan your entire week or even monthly timetable with ease. And, surf through the entire week without missing out anything important. Just glance at the project management software to get to know what’s in store for you during the day.

Jot down notes and quick information

Research forms a BIG part of a teacher’s life. As they say learning is a continuous process. A teacher must always update his/her set of skills and knowledge. Keeping in mind that there is plenty of research going on in every field, and so much new being found with every passing day, it becomes imperative to stay updated. But, where to store this information?

Create multiple files, and store them in your computer to end up getting lost in the heap of documents? Or, jot down them on a pen and paper to lose them a couple of days later?

A project management tool can be the perfect solution to keep your life organized and maintain all this in one place. You can create notebooks with notes sorted in them based on subjects. You can even share these notes with other teachers as well, just in case you want to.

Centralized learning

Posters, powerpoint presentation, doc files, PDFs and more; all these are staple a teacher’s life. But, it can be a cumbersome task to maintain a record of all these. Storing them on your computer, in the local drive, is what most of the teachers do. Or, using emails for the same is something that they find easy. But, the problem lies when you need to access any important file in quicktime.

Sorting through the heap of files stored in your computer or going through each email to find the one you have been looking for can consume a lot of time. A project management software makes the process easy. You can store all your files in one central place, and find them when needed.

And, in advanced software like ProofHub you can access all your files stored in apps like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box and more as they have integration with these apps.

Collaborate with other teachers

To improve the teaching processes, and stay updated with the latest that’s happening in the field, teachers need to collaborate with teachers from other schools and other regions. But, the big problem here is of sparing time to visit them in person to their premise.

Project management tool bring a quick fix for this problem. With features like online discussion, teachers can create a topic and invite other teachers to contribute to the discussion. They can ask them for their views, and more without having to visit them. These discussions come with the option of file sharing as well. Hence you can have meaningful, detail oriented discussions with other teachers. No matter which part of the world they are located, you can discuss without having to visit them in person. Saves a lot of time, doesn’t it.

Plus, many a time schools don’t have the budget to arrange for teachers’ meets. So the idea sharing process goes down in the drain. And, teachers are unable to keep up their pace with the evolving trends in the industry. A project management tool ends all this as the need of spending money for these trips gets eliminated.

These were some of the ways in which a teacher can make use of a project management software like ProofHub. If you, as a teacher, have been looking for ways to simplify your work life, then giving it a try can be a great idea!

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