How bloggers can use ProofHub for better work management

Aug 11, 2016 · 5 min read

ProofHub, the Saas-based project management software, has been designed to cater to the working style and requirements of every single professional out there. It does not matter whether you are part of an MNC or a sole proprietor; ProofHub makes work life easy for all!

In this post, we are going to explain some of the ways in which this project management software can make work life easy for bloggers. Take a look -

Keep track of blog editing history with ‘File Versioning’

Rarely a piece of writing gets finalized for publishing in the very first go. A lot of editing goes into it before a blog is ready to be published. Which is why, sometimes the final draft looks completely different from the initial one. There can be times when a person wants to track the history of all the editing done and the exact changes made in the blog.

The File Versioning feature in ProofHub is designed to serve the same purpose. It lets you see various versions of the file worked on. All the changes made in the document can be tracked down to the very first one. You can even store the file back to a previous version if you like.

Manage your contacts to streamline your work-life

A blogger who works as a freelancer for other websites will have multiple contacts to manage. You may be working with other editors and website owners who need to stay in touch with you for things like approving files or providing feedback. Working with people and staying in touch with them can be daunting; particularly when remote workers are involved.

ProofHub comes with features to add and manage as many contacts as you want into multiple groups. For example, you can create groups for designers, editors, etc. and accordingly sort/manage contacts. Part of managing contacts is you can grant various privileges to various individuals depending on their role. That way, you can control the amount of information/content that a particular contact can see, access, and change.

‘Proofing’ feature to proof design samples and images

It’s not uncommon for bloggers to work with designers. Being the owner of a blog, you need to decide whether a particular design sample will go nicely with a blog or not. That would mean working with designers and scrutinizing their work samples to provide feedback. Proofing section lets you invite designers who can upload their work for you to suggest changes and approve the file.

It provides them with a mechanism where multiple people can work together without wasting a lot of time or going through chaos.

Keep track of publishing frequency with ‘Calendar’

Remember how when we were kids, we used to mark important events on the calendar? ProofHub calendar is the digital version of the same.

Just finished publishing a blog? Make an event out of it and add it on the calendar. Started working on a new blog? Add that to the calendar as well. Spread out all of your weekly/monthly work on calendar. That way you can maintain records of how frequently the blogs are getting published. Not just publishing, you can keep an eye on your overall work routine with just one look at calendar. It will show you how every single day of the month was spent doing what things.

Use ‘Files’ to store your digital assets in one place

Suppose you’re a blogger who writes about real estate. With each post that you publish, you are going to need images as well. What you can do is store all of your real estate related imagery in the Files section of ProofHub. When the time comes to publish a blog, you can easily access a relevant image from your account. The benefit of having all of your documents stored in once place is that you will know exactly where to look for it, whenever you need one.

You can organize all the documents including blog entries and images by creating different folders for different months and days of the week and accordingly store files in them.

‘Notes’ and ‘Quickies’ to jot down ideas

Ideas don’t come at a particular time or only when you’re writing. They can come while you’re taking a shower, eating, taking a stroll, or even talking to someone. And when they come, you need to catch them before they fly off like a butterfly. Quickies and Notes in ProofHub are designed to help you note down those ideas as soon as you recognize them!

You can keep writing down your ideas. After some time you can connect those random ideas and use them for your next publishing.

Timer to help you kick off procrastination

There are times when we are thinking more and doing less. Before you know, the entire day is gone and you still haven’t done anything productive. As a blogger who works independently, you need a mechanism to keep yourself motivated. Procrastination being a chronic habit these days can easily rob you off of your productive hours.

However, when you use ProofHub, procrastination becomes a thing of past. How?

Well, you can make manual entries of the number of hours devoted against the tasks performed every single day. Or better yet, you can use the Timer feature to record the number of hours for all the tasks.

For example, if you just started writing a blog, turn on the timer and stop it when you’re done. By the end of the day you will have a record sheet of all of your productive hours.

Within a week you can see how many hours of the week you are using productively and how many hours are getting wasted procrastinating. That analysis should work like a sugar rush to motivate you. It will give you a wake up call to start making better use of time, if you see that a lot of it is getting wasted.

Whether you maintain your own personal blog or work as a freelance blogger for other websites; ProofHub is definitely a software that will ease a lot of things for you.

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