How Outsourcing Will Change Your Life

CPH (cost per hour) is a metric that I applied to my life, and it changed the game. Do you know what your hourly rate is when you are outside of work? What is your time really worth? A simple calculation of your take home salary divided by hours in your typical day will give you a guide to help you make decisions, and I recommend thinking about your CPH when you are going through your “to do” list and deciding where to invest your time.

We do so many tasks because it’s just the way we have always lived. With the rise of the on demand economy, we can now outsource more things than ever before, which frees us up to spend time on what we truly enjoy. When it comes to ruthless prioritization and creating a life worth living, here are a few ways to outsource:

  1. Trip Planning — We started Proof My Trip to save people time in the planning process and make the most of their time on vacation. We provide highly personalized itineraries, delivered to your inbox within 48 hours. The cost for a 3 day trip itinerary is $20, which would typically take 6–8 hours of planning.
  2. Food Delivery — When I didn’t want to go out but wanted more than pizza or Thai food, I would make the drive to pick-up food and come back home. Now I use Postmates to get anything delivered. Every restaurant I could ever imagine is included in their handy app. Delivery fees vary based on distance.
  3. Grocery Delivery — I am addicted to Amazon Fresh. Instead of going to the grocery store every week, I place my order online, typically making the same order in no time. My groceries show up at my door the next morning. If Amazon Fresh isn’t in your area or you are not ready to commit with the high fee, check out Instacart.
  4. House Cleaning — HomeJoy is an amazing service for keeping your house looking good without spending your weekend cleaning the kitchen. This is an absolute must!
  5. Shopping — I used to go to the mall or comb through shopping sites to figure out what to wear. Now I use StitchFix to take the guesswork out of shopping and get fantastic recommendations that I would not have selected on my own. My wardrobe looks better, and it’s fun to get my StitchFix every other month. Style Lab is a great option for men too.

How is the On Demand economy changing your life and saving you time?

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