Membrana is a decentralised platform for the trading of cryptocurrency assets and for the trust management of cryptocurrency funds. The platform utilizes smart contracts on the Ethereum network and allows investors and traders to facilitate a mutually beneficial, secure and reliable method of asset management within the cryptocurrency sector.

The projects mission is to create a safe, transparent trading and investment experience for its users whilst also looking at new business opportunities.

As noted in the review, there are several competitors in the same space as Membrana, who have tried to address the issues that surround the trust of asset…

Happy Christmas from the whole POR team!

2018 has been filled with lots of hard work and participation from developers and from our entire community. We want to thank all of our community for supporting us while we continue to move the project forward.

The last few months has seen our team grow and we are very pleased with the new members who are adding so much expertise to our reviews. Our team is now as follows:

Michael Simons
Nik Patel

Our website is now live with 6 reviews and we hope to release another…

Published 6th December 2018

Published 26th November 2018

Published 24th November 2018

Proof Of Review

We want to change the way PoW projects are pitched to the community and give miners the chance to vet a project and its developer team before deciding to invest

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