Answering questions on the minds of white people while in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Welcome to a world in the midst of a racial injustice awakening! If you’re like me, you’re feeling some anxiety about the uncertainty ahead of us and you have some questions that you’re either not sure how to ask or not sure how to answer.

I will be walking through some topics that I have seen be especially difficult and emotional to discuss, but topics I believe are common in the minds of my fellow white people. …

A quick, simple activity to make more time for what you care about by spending less time on what you don’t

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Don’t be at the mercy of your calendar — have a plan for spending your time with purpose

Spend time doing what matters most to you; a simple, empowering guideline we all want to follow yet struggle tremendously to accomplish. Who hasn’t looked back at some point and thought “I should have spent more time doing X”?

Introducing Time Sorting, a simple yet powerful exercise that forces us to think about and plan how we can best be spending our time. It’s a tool I’ve developed over 5 years of mentoring and coaching incredibly talented people.

Time Sorting also provides effective stress reduction for circumstances when we’re overwhelmed by our schedules and life in general. …

If someone compliments you, fight the urge to compliment them back.

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If someone says something nice, avoid the temptation to reciprocate with a manufactured compliment

“I just wanted to say how much I like your shoes, they look great!”

Boom, it happened! Someone just complimented us! The problem is we’ve now entered those dreaded seconds after someone says something nice to us. What do we say back? How can we quickly change the topic? What should we do with our hands?!

What we usually say: “Thank you! I like your shoes too, they look so comfy!”

A better thing to say now: “Thank you for noticing, I appreciate that!”

A better thing to say…

Avoiding the most common cause of large, lousy meetings: trying to solve a problem with more than five people in the room

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Bad Meetings Can Be Demoralizing For a Team

We’ve all been in a large team meeting where — within 10 minutes — we can tell that this conversation is not going to get anywhere productive before the meeting ends.

Even worse, if we’re the one organizing the meeting, our optimism or sense of obligation to the attendees may prevent us from seeing or acting on the inevitable waste of time that is unfolding. …

The distinctions between managing, mentoring, and career coaching in the workplace…and which one of those roles is straight fire🔥

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Career Coaching vs Mentoring vs Managing — It’s On!

You bring your career coach, your mentor, and your manager with you into a bar.

“What can I get you?” the bartender asks. You look to each of your companions for guidance.

“We’ve budgeted enough money for each person to order $15 of food or drink. Here’s my credit card, open a tab and put your order on that,” says your manager.

“They have a great happy hour special with a dozen wings and a whatever beer is on tap for…

Simple yet counter-intuitive strategies for delegating effectively

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Rules that I follow to help me be an effective delegator

For myself, learning just one specific skill transformed my notion of changing the world from idealistic, poster jargon to a goal I believe I can achieve. That skill is delegation.

In this article, I’ll cover the 3 rules I follow for delegation and walk through some examples of improving upon delegation strategies.

Through my winding path of failures trying to be a leader, I’ve evolved and tested 3 principles for being an effective delegator, all of which are quite different from what I was taught or had seen from others. …

Being Nice is Actually Pretty Effed Up

Something sinister is hiding behind our attempts to be nice which must be going unnoticed, considering how often we do it.

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being nice is keeping yourself happy at the expense of someone else

Before sharing my disturbing observations, I want to make sure I’m protected from some of the shrapnel that results from inconvenient truths. Please agree and sign this in-no-way-legally-official waiver:

A Please-Don’t-Be-Mean-To-Author Waiver

By continuing to read this story, I <your name>, agree to not hold the author liable for any identity crisis or verbal altercations that may result from reading this story. I understand the author is also coping with some of these realizations and in no way excludes himelf from the…

A guide to accomplishing long-term objectives while learning about yourself along the way!

This is Part 2 of a series of about creating and accomplishing goals. Part 1 is titled: Move over SMART goals, TIME goals are the improved key to success!

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Accomplish your long-term goals and learn about yourself along the way

The TIME-entific Method is a process anyone can use to achieve fulfillment and success in their professional and personal life. It leverages simple and familiar mechanisms to establish a self-sustaining system for working through any problem we may be facing.

Because accomplishing our biggest aspirations is no easy feat, leveraging the right kind of tools can be monumental…

A guide to making progress towards the things you care about and learning about yourself as you go

This is Part 1 of a series of about creating and accomplishing goals. Check out Part 2: The TIME-entific Method: A New System for Accomplishing Your Long-Term Goals

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TIME goals — an improved key to success!

Creating goals can be an effective way to accomplish success as an individual or a group. However, not all goals are created equal and bad goals can plague us with anxiety and failure. Instead of helping us succeed, some goals can simply remind us that we aren’t accomplishing something we care about!

If you’ve…

Nate Mielnik

Coder turned manager (and advocate ✊🏻) spreading innovative notions of leadership, growth, equality, inclusivity, and effectiveness

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