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“Back spasming up? You’d better ice it ASAP” — Chiropractors

“If you EVER round your spine, I’m afraid you’ll die.” — Osteopaths

“You’ve just got weak abs, do more planks” — Rehab specialists

“We could operate, but it might make it worse” — Neurosurgeons

“There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s all in your head” — Physiotherapists

“Your back pain is simply because your root chakra is misaligned, which is overactivating your left inferior oblique causing a slight anterolateral shift of your pelvis when you walk. You just need to wear more of the colour brown and take this expensive herbal…

This week we discuss:

  • The death of Charles Poliquin
  • The Alan Aragon sex scandal
  • The venomous backlash we received from an instagram post that we are not allowed to refer to pregnant women as such, and must instead be called ‘pregnant people’. This trivialises and makes a mockery of trans-rights issues by getting caught up in semantics. Some readers argued that doing so also denies biological women their femininity where pregnancy is seen as an exclusive right. Equally, ‘pregnant people’ excludes those who do not identify as pregnant, or as people. It’s a minefield.

Deepest apologies to any pregnant…

The standard ‘FitPro’ morning routine.. otherwise known as the anxiety cocktail.

Make sure you’re not falling for this trap with your morning routine, sending yourself down a spiral of stress and poor productivity.

Listen below for the 4 cardinal morning-routine pitfalls, and how to avoid them.

Originally published at Propane Fitness.

Christmas jumpers out my friend. Join us for a special Christmas Episode as we roll around in festive cheer, reflecting upon 2018 and reviewing our best hacks & fails from the last 12 months before setting some goals for the coming year. This episode is snided straight from Chris’s Modern Wisdom Podcast:

Discover why a chestnut didn’t kill Jonny, what our individual approaches to new year’s resolutions are, and why Yusef decided to take his pants off halfway through this recording (for real).

Extra Stuff:
6 Minute Diary —

Video & production by Dean Hindmarch

Originally published at Propane Fitness.

PT apps and online platforms are the latest craze. You’ve probably come across at least one before? MyPTHub. Trainerize. PT Distinction. The list goes on. In short, these apps are solving the problem that coaches face, delivering information and interacting with clients. And in that sense, they certainly do what they say on the tin. Today, I want to briefly give you my opinion on them and ultimately explain why we don’t use one. A few years ago, online businesses experienced something now known as the “Google slap”. Literally, overnight businesses reliant on aspects of Google’s algorithm went out of…

By popular demand, I’m releasing another freebie from our flagship programme, the Propane Protocol, where we cover much more than just getting big arms. Here, I share everything that I’ve picked up from working as an investment banker, degrees, professional qualifications and years of trading, and distilled it down to some key actionable points.

If you identify your financial leaks, and treat them like a bug that needs to be squashed before moving on with your financial planning, then you will literally save yourself years. …

This week, we spoke to Dr Anthony Jay, Biochemist, researcher and author of Estrogeneration. Do not miss this one, dude is a boss.

As you may have heard from some previous episodes, Jonny and I are in the midst of doing some self-experiments. After reading some of Dr Jay’s work, I ran a male hormone panel on myself using Medichecks (use code PROPANE10 for 10% off). The goal is to see whether minimising my exposure to environmental oestrogens has an effect on my blood levels of testosterone. I’ll release a more detailed article on this next month, including the specific…

Interview with Dr Mike Banna

This week on the Propane Podcast Yusef is joined by GP Dr Michael Banna, AKA Dr Mike II. Mike has successfully lost over half his bodyweight, kept it off, changed his life and become a spokesperson and author for “Lifestyle Medicine”

They discuss Dr Mike’s life changing transformation, how he lost half his bodyweight, the impact it has had on his medical practice as a GP, the dangers of restrictive diets and why the Birthday Cake Grenade Bar is his absolute fave.

Dr Mike The Author

Dr Mike on Twitter

Dr Mike on IG

Free Gift for Podcast Listeners

Originally published at Propane Fitness.

n this Shot of Propane Jonny discusses what constitutes a real flexible diet and why it isn’t just about making Pop-Tarts and Pizza fit your macros.



If eating out fills you with anxiety about going over your macros and sends you into a tailspin, then perhaps you need to review your idea of flexibility. Take an objective view of the bigger picture rather than being emotionally attached to your daily macros.

We love answering questions from our audience! The best way to submit one is through our contact form on the website, you can access that here: Contact Us

Originally published at Propane Fitness.


The Occam’s razor of fitness and nutrition. Doctor and Accountant give you an evidence based approach to look better naked

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