How to train in a hotel gym

We often get asked how to train while travelling.

The online fitness community has flip-flopped, dilly-dallied, bubsy-wubsied its way between ‘DO NOT TRAIN ON HOLIDAY. YOU ARE ON HOLIDAY. GET FAT AND DRUNK’ to ‘NEVER MISS A DAY, MAX OUT DEADLIFT AT 4AM EVERY DAY’.

The truth is, if you don’t want to train, then no sweat, literally.

If you do, embrace the change of pace. Use it as a chance to do the things you always skip in your regular sessions because you ‘don’t have time to do abs’.

Even squeezing in a light session while away does the following:

  • Maintains your habit-momentum

So here’s what I did on my last trip to Barcelona:

And how to manage your diet on holiday:



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