AeroPoints Independently Tested

With all the testing we’ve done and continue to do, as well as the results from the more than 10400 times AeroPoints have been used, we are very confident that AeroPoints work exactly as described (and often better).

However, it’s always encouraging to see our customers coming to the same conclusion. Recently, Lon Santis from Explosives Risk Managers LLC, a consultancy company in Maryland, posted a blog about how he checked AeroPoints accuracy against GPS and a known mark.

AeroPoints independent customer review
Image by Explosives Risk Managers LLC

Placing an AeroPoint directly on top of a Vertical Control Point for an hour, Lon was able to compare the AeroPoints processed position against the NGS data for the Control Point, finding that there was less than an inch difference in X, Y and Z positions. To answer a very common question we get, Lon subtracted the 1.2” thickness of the AeroPoint from the Y reading to compensate for Z (vertical) position being taken from the top of the AeroPoint.

Aeropoints test ocer a known survey mark
An AeroPoint placed over a known survey mark. Image by Explosives Risk Managers LLC

We’re also happy to say that Lon has “doubled down” on his AeroPoints investment, adding another set to ERM’s arsenal. This allows them to cover up to 600 acres without permanent GCPs.

You can read more about Lon’s test on his blog here.


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