Digitalisation of the future

I’m not here to talk about Pokemon Go, but more about what is becoming the future of the human — computer interaction: HCI. The introspective part of the digital age is ending, the selfless part is coming— not really any more shyness or social awkwardness, as more and more people share their selfies, their day-to-days, hobbies and passions, making it a natural human thing to do. FOMO warning.

My views on Video Games (or any kind of)

  • They are brilliant, and only getting better — in quality, storytelling, more addictive and expensive (in-app purchases)
  • They can make you smarter and learn things — studies show it increases brain functions but most games don’t bring much more than repetition skills
  • It is a bad habit and should be advertised carefully — better be good a cooking or good at killing avatars?
  • Most people become addicts or prioritise it over real life stuff — no comments.

Games that make you better or fitter.

I am a firm believer in Nike’s apps. They make you strive for more. And the reward-economy of it is brilliant. A tap on the back sometimes is all you need, even if it’s from an ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence — read more on this beautiful article).

They allow you to compete with friends and the broader community, and be a part of a worldwide leaderboard.


Displays and Gadgets everywhere!

The reference is a bit old and very conceptual, but it has been something used in many Sci-Fi movies (Minority Report). Smart glasses, that can be activated wirelessly very easily.

Somehow, digital screens will become separated from the computer again. Think like going back in time, and undoing the iMac.

Having one central control — the size of a watch!- and being able to use connected devices with it like a flying selfie-drone (more on this later), and use any smart glass around as your as-of-now device will be revolutionary.

Imagine disposable smart screens that you can connect with your main wearable device.

Future of Reality

Be it Augmented or Virtual, the reality is that no one likes to carry anything bigger than a smart phone around. It’s quite rare to see people taking pictures with iPads-they do do.

So either GoogleGlass will become something like Sight so everything is Heads-Up Display (HUD) -I find this creepy and would not use it I think!

Selfie Drones

They already exist. And I believe we will have flying cameras everywhere. People will have little clouds of drones flying above them-figuratively.

How much more convenience do we need? Why bother to walk upstairs to call someone, just send the drone. Collect the letters, pay fares, security, surveillance, it will all come alive.

I do recommend a read on these theories and more on this two books:

The Circle describes a company that bought Apple and Google and everything else and created a Big Brother world. Really interesting stuff.

Hieroglyph tells short Sci-Fi stories, and what better source for this than a bunch of stories with different technological advancements enhanced.

In the end we’ll never know

Until we get there.

As described in the Wait But Why article, we cannot know for sure, and it will change so fast that we won’t even be able to fully comprehend.

Those with a few more than a couple of decades under their belt already see a very weird world, something like it would take an senior to me shocked, now some middle age adult is already lost.

People will always try to be more social, and Social currency is the new economy. Social can go both ways, and I can only hope the best part of mankind is still to come.

Thanks for reading.

Alex Ludwig