Uwe Falkenberg
Dec 31, 2016 · 2 min read

I love stupid quotes and a top runner is “Brexit is Brexit” — duh! If you can’t explain something you just declare it self-explanatory. Let’s transfer this across the Atlantic: “Trump is Trump” — has to be self-explanatory, at least I can’t explain it, must be beyond my limited horizon. But should I be concerned anyway, I am not a US-citizen, I am a world citizen, though?

Here is what is not my business (I shouldn’t care but I actually do):

The possibility of the Trump clan

· owning many federal buildings in the US in a few years;

· determining that the only way to get federal funding is having a Trump Tower in your city;

· can manage that DJT is the top billionaire because every single federal project: construction, infrastructure foreign aid etc. is managed by this clan;

· replace Medicaid with (private) Trump Health Insurance;

· give Trump Towers around the world embassy status for an increased royalty fee;

· a Supreme Court allowing states like North Carolina turning into lower democracy status than Banana Republics;

· overturning the “Scopes Monkey Trial” from 1925;

· …the sky is the limit for a kid in a candy shop.

Here is what is my business:

· A stupid love affair with Putin making big portions of Europe “Up for grabs” available to rebuild Stalin’s Soviet Empire to Putin;

· re-distribution of Europe “Yalta Style”;

· undermining the Paris agreement on Climate Change.

Here is what I am grateful for in this context:

· Europe and the world has an opportunity to liberate itself from a hegemonic power and find their own way, for the first time since Teddy Roosevelt’s “Speak softly but carry a big stick” doctrine.

The items enumerated above, unfortunately, are limited by my imagination and preparedness of self-inflicting pain but I am sure you, DJT and his clan have much more and possibly more wicked inspirations. Let’s see it as an exciting time coming up but not of the kind people found exciting in the summer of 1914.


It seems that in Trumpism we see methods of the McCarthy era used in the oposite direction — very clever! Did it work then? For a while yes, how long will it take this time and will it be reversible.

Possible Relief:

All it needs is a few decent and responsible Republican Senators to prevent madness! Are they there?

Have a Great 2017

Uwe Falkenberg

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