The Ultimate Headline for Donald Trump

It is November 1st 2016, exactly one week away from Election Day in the United States of America.

Donald has done everything he could. He worked very, very hard. He has left no social group or minority untouched by his insults. He is below 40% of the votes in all polls and there is no way he can win this election to become President of the United States of America. He just cannot imagine not being in the headlines or all over the social media every day which would most certainly happen if he lost. Loosing? This is unimaginable! He has always cheated his way to the top so it is time to activate “Plan B”. He never imagined it would be necessary but there it is.

“Plan B” was developed right after the conventions when this Muslim father and his wife smeared him at the DNC and people just did not understand that he could not just take the insults and say nothing. More and more republicans were turning their backs on him so they had to become his targets, too.

He had sat together with his best campaign servants to draft the plan and get the building blocks in place. All press releases and drafts were written to leave nothing to chance. He was unaccustomed to preparation but nevertheless he would not be available to write the tweets without blowing his plan. At that point it was just a plan right? Nobody thought it would be needed, as crooked Hillary would certainly be burying herself! The margin is so clear that not even his trick of calling the lections “rigged” if he lost way back in August would be convincing.

Now the unthinkable could happen and “Plan B” had to be activated:

There would be an assassination attempt on him, which of course would not succeed. One of the secret service people would have to get hurt to make it look real; collateral damage. People would be really, really angry. All the paper and money trails linking Hillary to the attempt would start to surface and before the weekend, she would be out of the picture and Donald proclaimed the winner of the election. Donald can see the headline every night as he goes to bed and every morning as he wakes up:

“Donald Trump, Our New Leader of the United States of America.

At this point in time the outcome of this story is fiction but some aspects might not be as far fetched as they seem today.

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