Top 6 Best Property Management Companies in Dubai, UAE

Get acquainted with the best, most loved by customers Dubai property management establishments to either organize your real estate rental or learn how to achieve the new business heights from the top players in the field.

Real estate services and property management companies, like virtually any fruitful niche in the various modern global industries, have been holding its firm positions on the online market for some time now. The benefits and accessibility provided by such establishments are difficult to overrate. Let’s take Dubai — the largest, richest UAE city as an instance. Top property management companies in Dubai had employed the opportunity of expanding their reach all throughout the ever-ambitious digital space and, in particular, eCommerce to the fullest. Given feature presents to you the list of property management companies in Dubai to take an ultimate ‘how to become and stay successful’ example from.

6 best property management companies in Dubai

This list is composed for the sole purpose of a reader familiarizing oneself with the biggest names in the niche. This can be, however, a great way to get inspired by and learn from the success of experienced businesses if you own or would like to launch a similar company.

First up is an establishment with 6 years of professional experience in the market that offers you all the required by the industry capabilities: tenants search, maintenance support, rental dispute solution, property assets administration, and others. Years of experience have made BSO an integral, trustful partner for their clients, providing commercial as well as residential property renting. They are keeping up with times and technologies providing accessible online capabilities — you can access all the required documents, pay bills through connected payment gateways, track tasks and monitor statistics online.

Better Homes Property Management is an old-school player established in the far 1992. Better Homes isn’t about trying to strike the eye of any potential customer and empty words; they take with their experience and integrity instead of ‘advanced’, expensive online marketing tricks. They know marketing, however, and employ their expert knowledge in the efficient search for tenants. They also provide revenue collection, dispute resolution, as well as repair and maintenance support. Overall, their firm ‘get to it and get it done’ approach is what made them make the best property management companies in Dubai list.

Colliers International Real Estate Management Services, with over 15 000 employees operating in 69 countries of the world, is nothing less of a giant in the market. It started out in 1996 in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and has been leading its enterprise activity with the most serious intentions. They take their business with a strong face, professionally and it is felt. Among the services they offer are:

  • lease control;
  • acquisition of revenue;
  • property accounting and reporting;
  • building design review.

And many more.

Geometrics website meets users with a concise design and an immediate list of rental options. A smart eCommerce development method that may as well increase the chances of a user going to shopping cart initially (take notice, perspective and ambitious business owners). The company has been operating since 2007 and positioned itself ever since as a brokerage company prevalently. They value their expert knowledge and strategic development capabilities. Employing their services, you can buy/sell or rent brokerage, manage and evaluate property.

Provident Estate is another big name on the map of top property management companies in Dubai. With a title of an award-winning agency, apart from the expert real estate management team and internationality, the establishment also uses efficient CRM systems to accessibly sort and provide plenty of accommodations for rent — from single units and apartments to townhouses and commercial offices. They use their integrated system and a dedicated OS to among other things:

  • analyze the marketing trends;
  • store tenant and investor data;
  • process maintenance requests.

Rocky Real Estate claims to fully understand that you put serious sums into property as a landlord and, thus, tries to secure you and your finances as much as possible. They also provide a full range of the respective services for tenants, taking care of reparations support, marketing advancing, analyzing and reporting. Property management is, indeed, a very responsible area of operation where you need only the reliable partners. Rocky Real Estate is an integral enough, well tried and tested service provider to help you manage the expensive objects of property.

This list of the top property management companies in Dubai can serve both as an inspiration for your future business achievements and as a convenient guide for interested customers in the niche. Hope you’ll find it useful enough.

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