Processing A Claim After A Fire

In Colorado, homeowners file insurance claims after their property is damaged by a fire. In these situations, they have two options based on the severity of the fire damage. They can acquire the funds to rebuild or repair their property, or they can acquire funds to purchase a new property. The following is information about processing a claim to rebuild or repair the property through nationwide claims adjuster.

Fire Inspections and Assessments

The first step of the claim is to complete a fire inspection and assess the property completely. This process may take several days to complete depending on the stability of the property. If the property fire was contained in one area, the claims adjusters can review this portion and complete the claim. However, if the fire was more extensive, it requires the adjuster to inspect each floor and room of the property thoroughly.

Fire Remediation Services

Fire remediation services are required for all properties that were damaged by a fire. The services start with the removal of all water from the property. This lowers the chances of mold. Next, the technicians start the cleanup efforts necessary to review the damage further. They remove all damaged items from the property. The claims adjuster must make note of all materials that are damaged. They must also include these remediation services in the claim.

Restoring the Property

The restoration process is conducted by a contractor. The insurer will acquire estimates from contractors that were approved by through the policy. The claim will include the exact cost of restoration. This includes rebuilding the property if it was a total loss.

Eliminating Any Existing Health Risks

Traces of ash, smoke, and carbon monoxide must be removed from the property. These contaminants can lead to serious health risks for the property owner and their family. The inspection must show no traces of these substances before the homeowner or their family can re-enter the property. For this reason, temporary housing funds may be released to the homeowner.

Building Code Inspections

Once all structural repairs and construction are completed, the claims adjuster must call the building code inspector. They must conduct a complete inspection of the property to ensure that it was repaired or constructed properly. All service providers are paid once the claim is processed completely, and the insurer releases these funds.

In Colorado, homeowners can file insurance claims after a fire. An adjuster helps them through this process by identifying services the owner will need. Homeowners who need to contact insurance adjusters can approach Aspen Claims Service directly.

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