You’ve probably heard a lot recently from politicians and market participants alike trying to eliminate legislation at all costs. The common complaint is that businesses would be doing better if many of the laws and rules that constrained them were consigned to history’s trash can. This seems to be the war cry from the halls of Washington DC to the darkest corners of Reddit. And some of it is true. …

Property Coin, an ICO backed by a professionally managed real estate portfolio on the blockchain, has appointed Jakub Dluhy-Smith as an Adviser

Aperture, a California based, real estate technology and investment company, is delighted to announce that Jakub Dluhy-Smith, entrepreneur and startup consultant, has joined the Property Coin Advisory Board.

Jakub, is CEO and co-Founder of Oak’s Lab, a concept-to-product digital development, process optimization and tech startup consultancy based in Prague, Czech Republic. He is also co-Founder of Oak’s Lab Academy. Founded in January 2018, the Academy has been designed to educate and nurture young people who have the talent and ambition to become future leaders of the technology industry.

In his capacity as Advisor, Jakub will help guide Property Coin as…

El Segundo, California, Mar 9, 2018 — Property Coin is extremely excited to announce that entrepreneur, ICO expert, growth hacker and crypto influencer, Justin Wu has joined the Property Coin advisory team.

Justin has an extensive track record of founding various startups in a number of different industries. He is a prolific producer of content in the growth marketing space, sharing his insights, experiences and expertise with the Wall St. Journal, CES, NASA, NASDAQ regularly and has been sponsored by Samsung, Intel and New Balance.

In addition to his experience in the startup and growth space, Justin is a well…

El Segundo, California, Mar 8, 2018 — Property Coin is extremely excited to announce that entrepreneur, ICO expert, tech investor and author, Ryan Scott has joined the Property Coin advisory team.

Ryan has a long history of success in the tech sector, having co-founded NetCreations, a business that he took public without any venture capital and acting as an early investor numerous companies, including Tesla, and others.

Today, Ryan advises a wide range of businesses including Tesla Motors, Tiltify, Sparrow Mobile , and others. …

A disclaimer — we are not lawyers and we are not providing legal advice, we are simply sharing some of the experiences that we had in the process of creating our security token ICO, Property Coin.

If you’ve been reading the crypto news lately, you might have seen that ICOs are getting some bad press in the US, with many people, including regulators, considering them potentially illegal securities and exposing them to heavy scrutiny from regulators.

In a prepared statement to Congress on February 6, 2018, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said “When investors are offered and sold securities — which…

Property Coin is your opportunity to own a professionally managed portfolio of real estate assets via the blockchain.

Today, Aperture Real Estate Ventures, the parent company of Property Coin (PCX), is officially announcing its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) available for purchase pursuant to a pre-sale agreement, via USD, Bitcoin and/or Ethereum, purchase details here:

Founded by Matt Miles, Andrew Jewett, and Rudy Cortes, former investment bankers and property investors, each with 12+ years of experience focused on North American residential real estate markets, are leveraging their vast knowledge and networks to the quickly shifting asset tokenization market.

Property Coin represents an asset-backed crypto investment opportunity providing an alternative to the volatility of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. The…

As Bitcoin recovers from a fall below $10,000 for the first time in months, many crypto investors will be looking at their options as they seek to mitigate the impact of volatility on their crypto portfolio. If ever there was a time to diversify your crypto assets, in search of security and greater stability, this is it.

According to Miko Matsumura, co-founder of the Evercoin Cryptocurrency Exchange, about 30 ICOs are launching every day, raising millions of dollars each, all of which is ostensibly intended to be used for the development of new blockchain-based businesses or to fund an unproven…

Property Coin

Your opportunity to own a professionally managed portfolio of real estate assets via the blockchain

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