10 Brilliant Features of Lake Como’s Luxury Villas that Attract Buyers

The mesmerizing serenity and spellbinding tranquility are the first things that come to mind when we talk about Lake Como. This is the reason why Lake Como’s luxury villas are at the top of everyone’s list, be it buyers, renters or visitors. Everyone wants to own a place in this heaven. Lake Como is one of the most popular destinations in Italy. Ranked as one of the world’s five best places to retire, Lake Como has become one of the most sought out places to own a luxury villa in Italy. Let us look at some other brilliant features of Lake Como’s Luxury villas that attract buyers:

#1. Interior

The Italians are known for the exquisite taste in design. This is also evident in all the real estate properties of Lake Como Region. The opulent finishing, use of modern and rustic elements, give a perfect blend of magnificence to the architecture of Lake Como. The indoor area of luxury villas has a modern design with luxurious furnishings providing comfort and elegance at the same time.

#2. Furniture Design

Italy is a world trendsetter, producing some of the greatest furniture designers in the world. The same ethos is evident in the luxury villas that have been renovated with exclusively designed furniture to create a unique ambience. One look at them and anyone is bound the get mesmerized.

#3. Parking

The best thing about the luxury villas and the neighborhood in Lake Como is that everything is well planned and decongested. The biggest issue faced by most of the tourist places is the lack of parking spaces. However, the luxury villas in Lake Como have ample of space making it an ideal choice to live or host an even

#4. Ground Area

The title of ‘luxury villas’ is not thrown around randomly as a particular property has to meet certain standards to get a place in the ‘luxury’ category. The expansive ground floor with living space decked with regal furnishing makes each villa worth huge investments. If one is looking for a cozy stay spread over enthralling and widespread space then nothing beats luxury villas of Lake Como.

#5. Living Area

Usually, the living room is the first part that people could see, which is the reason why it is the most decorated area. The living area of luxury villas at Lake Como have been decorated in such a way that they catch attention of every visitor walking in. Special attention has been given to window casings, ceiling details and moldings, and many others that make the place more inviting.

#6. Front Lake View

The beauty of Lake Como is evident from the appearance of the mighty river winding through the mountain range. This makes up for a perfect place to enjoy the tranquil beauty of the place. Due to its remarkably blue water, living in a luxury villa with an exquisite view of lake delivers a scenic experience. This is the de facto reason why most of the people prefer having a front lake view of their villa.

#7. Mountain View

The breathtaking mountain-view in the backdrop of Lake Como enthralls every visitor. Imagine waking up to the same view every other day, living in the lap of luxury. This same feeling was the motivation that enticed George Clooney to buy their holiday home in Lake Como.

#8. Historical Touch

Italy is known for its architecture and the same can be said for Lake Como. The attractive villas have been built there since the time of Roman Empire. This gives an overall historical touch to the place, which reeks of royalty. Owning a luxury villa in Lake Como is like owning a piece of history.

#9. Garden

The opulent villas clubbed with lakeshores having admirable gardens add to the whole look and feel of a luxury villa. The gardens feature exquisite setting involving cast iron and stone gazebo with a stone oval tea table and a separate dining table. You can enjoy the nice weather sitting in the garden area having amazing views of the lake.

#10. Swimming Pool

The luxury villas at Lake Como are no less on the grounds of modern lifestyle too. The presence of sumptuous swimming pools in every villa testifies the fact. Nothing can compare to the splendor of the super-panoramic deck and terrace area with an infinity swimming pool overlooking the garden and lake. And, this is something that visitors like the most about Lake Como luxury properties.

The features mentioned above offer quick glimpse of what these property would actually look like. Ask the people who live there, have visited Lake Como or have ever checked the villas available on rent and sale. You will get every reason to own a luxury villa in Lake Como, I bet.